This car YouTuber answered the age-old question for entertainment purposes, what happens if you run your car on milk?

Scrolling through Facebook and I came across an interesting video from a channel run by American car Youtuber Micheal Vaim (aka AutoVlog) in which he replaces the oil in his 1998 Chevrolet Prizm with chocolate milk purely for entertainment purposes.

Turns out it’s from a longer and older video from 2019.

Check out his video below.

AutoVlog’s found a knack for finding out the answers to what we now know are intrusive thoughts when it comes to cars.

So far, Vaim’s put this particular Prizm into park at highway speeds, which, nothing extraordinary happened except for a ruined parking pawl.

In another video, Vaim’s dumped a bunch of brake fluid into the gas tank, which actually cleaned the Prizm’s injectors some and made the little four cylinder run better than before.

In this video, we see Vaim dump a whole gallon of chocolate milk into the engine’s crankcase and into the fuel tank, too.

It’s worth noting that Vaim isn’t draining the old oil out but, with an oil light already on, oil is definitely low and there’s probably less than half of the recommended 4 quarts (3.79 l) remaining.

With a mixture of chocolate milk and oil, not surprisingly, the little Prizm starts up and revs to life.

However, several minutes after driving off, the Prizm begins to stutter and hesitate, more likely a sign of the chocolate milk in the fuel injection system than the oil milkshake mix first doing irreparable damage to the engine’s internals.

On the verge of imminent engine failure, Vaim makes it to a WalMart where he tops off the fuel tank with windshield washer fluid, which isn’t doing the poor Prizm any favors.

The Prizm fires right back up (because of course it does. It’s, after all, just a rebadged Toyota Corolla) and Vaim tries to make it home.

However, the chocolate milk-fuel mixture finally proves too much for the Prizm’s fuel injection system to handle and the Prizm sputters to a predictable death.

Although Vaim’s able to start the Prizm once more, it dies again and refuses to start.

“15.4 miles we drove with chocolate milk in the engine and the gas tank.”

AutoVlog was able to make it a whole 15.4 miles with chocolate milk in his engine oil and gas tank.

At first, I thought Vaim would drain the entire crankcase of oil before replacing it with milk, but that wasn’t the case.

I think the chocolate milk in the fuel tank was what killed the poor Prizm so quickly.

If he just messed with the oil and left the gas alone, I really think the Prizm would be able to run for a lot longer before inevitably dying.

Milk, obviously, has virtually little to no lubricating properties when it comes to metal-to-metal contact.

However, those little Toyota engines are robust and, despite having chocolate milk as its main engine lubrication, I really think he could’ve pushed that Prizm a lot further than 15 miles.

“I thought you’d run it without oil or something, seems like fuel system just got gunked up, I’m sure if you cleaned it out she would run again. Seemed like motor was still going good even with all that chocolate milk, for now,” @MLRaceLegend01 commented.

“It’s definitely the milk in the fuel pump that started it to be funky,” @BeyondVlogs3680 agreed.

I think Vaim should take the above commenters advice and drain the engine of all its oil before filling it with chocolate-y milk.

This video, however, was entertaining, so, hats off to you, Vaim.


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