The Tesla Model 3 owner claims the orange-y flavored attack was completely unprovoked.

Contrary to popular belief, gas stations aren’t just for gas.

So, when SoCal resident, Tesla owner, and Redditor /u/Sli0 stopped at his local Mobil gas station (which wasn’t busy btw) to affix a license plate frame onto his Tesla Model 3, he was caught by surprise when a random stranger drove by and threw what he thinks was orange Gatorade at him and his EV.

Check out his dashcam video below.

[OC] Jerk driving by throws a drink at me
byu/Sli0 inIdiotsInCars

If you didn’t already know, Teslas have multiple cameras running at all times and even when parked (by enabling sentry mode) for autopilot purposes, but also as a security camera of sorts.

In the video, we see an Orchard Pearl 2013-2015 Honda Accord Sport Sedan drive by /u/Sli0’s Model 3 while chucking a half empty bottle of electrolyte drink all over his ride.

“I stopped at a mostly empty gas station to put on a frame on my license plate. A**hole threw his drink at me, didn’t interact with him at all prior, he didn’t follow me from anywhere, it was completely random. Got in my hair and on my jacket. This was in Socal, “OP commented.

Inclined to take OP’s story at face value, it looks like this is a case of some rando being upset at an electric vehicle at a gas station.

For some convoluted reason, many people think electric car owners are stuck up, don’t belong at gas stations, and are willing to go to extreme lengths, like casual vandalism, to get their point across.

“I’m pretty sure it’s because you have your Tesla parked at a gas station. Not saying it’s right but that more than likely would be why,” /u/NewMoneyBlownMoney commented.

“Guy with the drink probably just assumed the Tesla driver was parking at a gas station intentionally to be an a**hole. Teslas are pretty common now, but there’s still the social stigma of being a smug a**hole that comes with it – like the one that stuck with the Prius for years after it become a common commuter car, /u/KastorNevierre added.

If this really was just a case of someone being upset at an EV parked at a mostly empty gas station, there’s nothing justifying throwing your drink at them.

EV owners have every right to patronize gas stations for snacks, lotto tickets, air, car washes, and etc.

And, as long as there are plenty of other pumps to use, I’d even go so far as to say EV owners can park alongside empty pumps, too.

Until there’s some rule or station specific ban that says electric cars can’t park besides pumps or an electric car is actually impeding potential paying customers from getting gas, regular car owners need to mind their business.

No harm, no foul.


  1. Why block a gas pump. I’m sure there was areas next to gas station to park n fix your license plate. People just getting cigarettes or milk shouldn’t block pumps. Especially since place nearby empty. Just saying.

    • You know if a gas car parked at an EV station, all hell would break loose and the cops would be called. Don’t even play like this is a one day street. Use the parking slots for the store.


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