This hero without a cape put her vanity aside, realized she could be of use, and used her lbs to get this taxi back on the road and traffic flowing.

A woman with a bit of heft in Honduras is being hailed a local hero after smartphone footage made the rounds showing her using her weight and literally stepping in to help save a stuck cab driver out of a ditch.

Check out the video making the rounds below.

In the video, we see a Toyota Corolla taxi trying, but failing, to get out of a ditch.

The ditch is so steep that it’s angled the Corolla in such a way that its front drive wheels can’t get enough traction to claw its way out.

It looks like there’s a whole crane behind the Corolla trying to tow the Corolla out, but they can’t seem to get a good angle to pull.

Is that a crane back there?

Whatever the exact situation is, the solution seems to be to add some weight to the rear of the Corolla to make the tow possible.

A woman with sizable heft steps forward and comes to the rescue.

I’m not sure the exact translation, but the woman behind the camera says something like, “Calm down, y’all. She’s got this.”

The woman climbs into the rear passenger compartment of the Corolla, and the added weight and presumably the added traction does the trick.

You can hear the crane using its winch and, lickety-split, the Corolla’s yanked out.

In the background we can see a long line of cars waiting for this accident to clear, so, this hefty mama literally saved the day.

The video that went viral on TikTok is captioned, “Las ventajas de comer pollo con tajadas todos los dias” which translates to “the advantages of eating layered chicken (Pollo Chuco) everyday.”

Pollo Con Tajada (or Pollo Chuco) is a popular street food in Honduras made of layers of fried chicken, sauces, and vegetables.

“That was her moment !!!! To shine ✨,” @xxcristiinnnaa commented.

“She has done this before. This is her calling. God bless her,” @dj_genx replied.

“Y’all better say THANK YOU and discount for the tow,” @smile.1.23 commented.

I’m sure, on some small level, the woman might be a tad embarrassed to be the solution to the problem.

But, then again, who knows, she might be a bit overweight, but what of it?

Without her, they’d be stuck there for a couple more hours until some heavier men stepped up to provide suitable counterweight.

Brava, lady in Honduras.

Your eating was not in vain.


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