Both drivers needed to cool it, but the dashcam owner could’ve easily prevented this.

Redditor /u/EvKing22 shared dashcam footage to the /r/RoadCam subreddit showing the unbelievable moment a driver in Clarksville, TN decided to run another car off the road by pitting them instead of letting them change lane.

/u/EVKing22 and the dashcam owner are not one and the same, OP just came across the footage, I guess.

Check out the shocking dashcam footage still on Youtube below.

The accident happened on Ted Crozier. Sr Blvd in Clarksville, TN (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the video shows, it looks like the dashcam owner is trying to overtake a Ford F-150 but with a closing gap, decides to slot behind the Ford.

It’s presumed that he cuts in front of the car he later pits.

“Looks like a road rage scenario,” /u/EventHorizon67 comments. “You can see the cammer brake check, probably against the yellow car, and then speed up. Cammer probably cut off the yellow car when merging behind the truck and then got angry when the yellow car reacted.”

You can kind of “see” the brake check as the speed reads drops from 40 MPH to 32 MPH in a matter of seconds.

We then see the car they brake checked, a yellow-green Chevrolet Spark, pull up alongside the dashcam owner and attempt to cut the dashcam owner off by changing lane.

The dashcam owner’s an absolute nutter because, instead of slowing, they speed up as evidenced by the dashcam readout!

The Spark gets pitted and does a full 360, slamming into the roadside middle divider halfway through their tailspin.


“White truck is being an a**hole, cammer is being an a**hole, ugly color car cutting too close to cammer is an a**hole. This is a trifecta video,” /u/BladeX16 commented.

“If you despise your car, grasp the opportunity. If not, apply the brakes and let the moron in,” /u/DreizhnII replied.

“Normally I’d say the yellow car is at fault. But, looking at the speed at the bottom of the screen, I would say the camera car is at fault,” /u/trumpismypresident2 concluded.

This arguably is reckless driving which is a Class B Misdemeanor in Tennessee punishable by a fine of up to $500 and/or 6 months in jail.

Regardless of what this is charged as, it’s imo road raging, pure and simple, and shouldn’t go unpunished.

This could’ve ended up a lot worse.


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