You can hear the dashcam pick up the tech saying how he’d “Drive 100 like a mf, too.”

Hyundai Elantra N owner and Redditor /u/PostItNote1029 posted concerning dashcam footage to the /r/Elantra N subreddit showing the moments before Hyundai of Chantilly (in Chantilly, VA) employees allegedly unplugged his dashcam and took his high-performance Hyundai for a joyride.

Check out his dashcam footage below.

Hyundai of Chantilly Joyriding My Car
byu/PostItNote1029 inElantraN

“I took my car in for an oil change and the rattling exhaust problem. I found my dash cam unplugged with this as the last video.”

As captioned, in the video we can hear several employees inside his Elantra N and can make them out saying,

“Yeah, this s*** is good.”

“I’m scared…why because you can’t drive?”

“I’d drive like a hundred m.f., too.”

We can see the GPS readout accelerate from 0-22.9 MPH as the techs speed out of the back lot.

As OP mentions, he simply came in for an oil change and there is no good reason or explanation that would require someone to unplug his dashcam while under their supervision.

Elantra N’s are no ordinary Hyundais. These $33,000+ high performance sedans have 276 HP turbo engines and are capable of hitting their 140 HP top speed easily.

OP implies that after his dashcam was unplugged and the employees took his Hyundai Elantra N for a joyride that presumably consisted of one or several high speed accelerations and maybe breaking the speed limit in his car on public roads.

“Man I just took my N there, but I left it in valet mode. Super glad I did. Sorry this happened to you, and hopefully the techs responsible are held accountable! I don’t think I will go back there for my next service,” /u/TheDanger42 replied.

When another commenter suggested reporting this immediately, OP replied that,

“Yeah, I called the manager and sent the video to corporate.”

Less than a day later, the dealership responded.

“I got a call back from the service manager. He said he has a security camera of the service tech taking it out of the bay and into the lot. However, I didn’t get a response about security footage of the 2-3 people entering my car, aside from him being disappointed that it happened. Also, where this video started is at the back of the lot near the overflow / storage area and not the bay.”

“Manager said I can review security footage next time I come in for warranty work. They said they have 3 security cameras, so I hope one of them is pointed in this direction.”

“I am still waiting for a response from the care team and corporate, if they ever respond.”

At least one other commenter figured that this is the work of a lot porter and not a tech which OP and I agree with.

Regardless of who did it, all dealership employees owe a duty of care to their clients and their property, no matter how low on the org chart they are.

Hopefully OP’s able to get some closure and some kind of justice out of this terrible experience.

And if you’re getting service done at this dealership, this is something to keep in mind.


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