This is possibly the first Cybertruck accident ever.

The Tesla Cybetruck’s barely been on sale, making its way to customer’s houses, and it looks like one’s already been in a serious accident.

Redditor /u/boddhya shared photos earlier today (Dec 28. 2023) from Redwood City, CA showing the aftermath of an accident between a Cybertruck and what looks like a mid-2010s Toyota Corolla.

Check out the post linked here with the crash photos below.

A Cybertruck crashed in Redwood City.
The Toyota Corolla invovled. It doesn’t look good.

The accident happened on Skyline Blvd, relatively close to the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (an approximation of the location on Google Maps linked here.)

You can’t make much from the photos, but it looks like both vehicles hit each other on their front fenders.

They likely were travelling in opposing lanes when they hit each other.

As to who was at fault, your guess is as good as mine.

While we can’t see how much damage the Cybertruck suffered, the accident was hard enough to deploy the airbags.

The Corolla’s pretty much totaled, its front fender is absolutely ripped to shreds with likely frame damage, too.

Fortunately, we know the Cybertruck has at least two, front facing cameras, so footage of the incident is likely stored away to make the inevitable insurance claims that much easier.

The Cybertruck’s crash worthiness has been in the news as of late after Tesla crash testing footage became available.

Critics of the Tesla’s EV truck noted how poorly a driver and their passenger in the driver compartment likely would’ve suffered extensive injuries as the arguable lack of crumple zones would transmit crash energy to the occupants.

“I fear an accident with one of these things. The rigidity and massive weight will total other cars,” /u/SuperDangerBoy commented.

“Okay, so the Cybertruck is literally a vehicle killer lmao, glad to see both parties seem okay,” /u/CarsOnTheCarsInogen added.

If this first real world accident proves anything, it’s that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of one headed towards you.


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