Commenters on this specific instance think both drivers share blame in a crash that could’ve ended far worse than it did.

Presumed Kansas resident and Redditor /u/FulcrumH2o shared dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit from a two-lane highway showing the shocking moment a driver in an Audi Q5 SUV tries to change lane in front of /u/FulcrumH2o but ends up hitting the front quarter of his Hyundai, causing him to roll up to six times in the process.

OP deleted his video and the thread’s been locked, but I did find a re-upload (I just googled the title.)

Check out the surprising and questionable dashcam footage re-posted on Youtube below. (if that video goes down, there’s a mirror here.)

OP does not share where exactly in Kansas this happened, so your guess is as good as mine.

In the dashcam video, we can see OP in the left lane attempting to pass a semi.

Behind OP is an Audi Q5.

“Passed the semi. Before I could get back into the right lane, an aggressive driving Audi Q5 hits the right lane and starts passing me. Audi Q5 then drive forces me off the road. I hit a culvert then raised median, causing my vehicle to flip 5/6 times. “

“Audi driver stated she didn’t see me”

At first glance, the video is as OP says, they were just trying to pass a semi before changing into the right lane.

However, the video doesn’t have sound, raising the suspicions of most in the thread.

Almost all dashcams record sound, too.

Leaving the sound out to post on this subreddit was done on purpose.

But, why?

Redditor /u/ConundrumBum commented what most agree (based on upvotes) is the likely situation.

/u/ConundrumBum points out that “…he breaks right after passing the semi as the horizon briefly raises. Then it remains steady until the ~15 second mark, once OP rapidly accelerates. He hits the gas, the front of his vehicle lifts up, the horizon lowers.’

    Corroborating his allegation, he provides this screenshot and asks you to notice the before and after.

    /u/ConundrumBum then accuses OP that the likely situation, a scenario that most have seen play out in real life, is that OP instigated the situation.

    “He clearly noticed her intention to pass and responded by flooring it — right as he was in her blind spot.”

    “What makes sense is he’s camping in the left lane. She’s probably riding his a** expecting him to move right. He doesn’t (and actually breaks to pi** her off), then she decides to switch lanes, he notices and wants to stop her, so he speeds up to close the gap. She’s thinking he’ll either break like a normal driver or remain a constant speed, and ends up cutting him off/colliding.”

    A lot of commenters agreed with /u/ConundrumBum’s assessment, with many more replying that,

    “Maybe, just maybe, you just press the brakes instead of holding your ground,” /u/SwenSnuk added.

    Reading OP’s comments, it seems like the responding officer agreed with OP that the other Audi driver was ultimately at fault.

    But, and a big but, is that OP’s driving likely added to the severity of the situation.

    It didn’t have to get this bad.

    For one, he simply could’ve braked.

    Generally, he could’ve been more courteous, done the right thing, and let that Audi driver pass him cleanly.

    Instead, he’s got no car (it’s likely totaled) and has a mess of an insurance claim to wade through.

    L’s all around.


    1. The only “aggressive” driver in this incident is the OP, who seems to have a chip on his shoulder and obviously targeted this unsuspecting Audi driver – probably because it was a woman driving the Audi and the OP is a bully and an a** hole.


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