A major win for the San Joaquin County Sideshow Taskforce

The San Joaquin County Sideshow Taskforce was hard at work to say the least early this weekend (Feb 3, 2024) when, after intel received there was going to be a major sideshow in the Stockton area, arrived enmasse at the location, seizing nearly 90 cars and detaining 150.

Check out their post announcing the bust below.

According to their post, it sounds like the SJCS has informants who knew major organizers for sideshow activity in Northern California and were able to glean information off them.

More than likely, with these large events organized on social media, SJCS informants followed relevant sideshow accounts and were able to follow along as this sideshow was planned.

The scene of the sideshow turned takedown was at the intersection of Country Club Blvd and Pershing Ave. in Stockton, CA.

Country Club Blvd and Pershing Ave. in Stockton, CA.

Of those detained, those found aiding and abetting are subject to prison time up to 90 days and/or a fine up to $500.

Drivers get their cars impounded for at least 30 days on top of chargers for sideshow participation.

As there were hundreds, if not thousands of drivers and spectators there, naturally videos and photos made it online.

Here’s what I could find so far.

Video Credit: https://www.instagram.com/sh0tbyfilmz
Video Credit: https://www.instagram.com/sh0tbyfilmz

Not gonna lie, this one’s pretty funny!

Video Credit: @_K_Dogg_916


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