The entire incident was also filmed from AR DOT Traffic Cams.

Arkansas resident and presumed delivery van driver Claudius Williams Jr. shared video to his personal Facebook shot on Feb 2 from I-30 in North Little Rock showing a driver in a Smart Car swerving all over the place moments before it crashed and flipped.

Williams not only stopped to check the driver out, he filmed as Good Samaratins came along and flipped the car back onto its tires.

Because of Williams’s hilarious commentary, the video’s gone viral, racking up nearly 2 million views, tens of thousands of likes, and thousands of comments.

Check out his video below.

In his video, we can see Williams following a driver in a smart car as they both drive on I-30.

A driver in a Smart Car is filmed swerving all over the road on I-30 in N. Little Rock Arkansas.

The incident took place on I-30 just before Exit 142 onto Curtis Sykes Dr. (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

“Look at this driver, y’all. Look at this dumb m****r f****r right here, mang.”

The smart car driver can be seen swerving all over the place, unable to stay in his lane.

The smart car driver loses control, smacks into the side of the freeway, and ricochets towards the other side of the freeway.

The driver tries to swerve back, but overcorrects, spins on his tires a whole 360 degrees, and unfortunately tips on its side.

Smart Car tips on its side.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s over with. It’s over with. It was your dumb a**. Let me check on this boy.”

Williams comes to a stop behind the tipped smart car, gets out, and performs a wellness check on the driver.

“Ah, yo! What the f*** is wrong with you, bro? You swerving everywhere. You alright? Come on man, get your a** out of there. Can you get out?”

“I gotta go….I gotta go. You tripping, you damn near went off the side.”

With the help of a handful of Good Samaratins that also stopped, they push the Smart Car back onto its tires.

Good Samaratins stop to assist the tipped over driver in his Smart Car.

“Ahhhhh! Is you on drugs or something, bro? Is you good bro? You been swerving for the last five miles.”

“I gotta go.”

At that point, the video ends.

Coincidentally, AR DOT Traffic Cam’s were running and caught the entire incident play out.

Commentary on Williams’s post was lively, to say the least.

“My words exactly. I gotta go. Haha He lucky it didn’t turn out waaaaaaaaaay worse,” Kinnis Pledger commented.

“I guess at least you checked on him, lol,” Sarah Jones added.

“He was rolling that little boiled egg,” Kenisha Sharp humorously replied.

Williams does not give an update on the driver nor was I able to find anyone in the comments who knows the story, so your guess is as good as mine.

There’s at least one woman who claims to be this Smart Car driver’s mom and says he had a diabetic episode (low blood sugar.)

If this driver truly had a diabetic episode, to Type 1 diabetes drivers out there, it’s important to know yourself.

That means making sure your blood sugar levels are A-OK before getting behind the wheel, knowing the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar, and having a sugary snack or drink within arms reach at all times.

And for drivers, this is why it’s essential to drive defensively at all times, you never know who’s behind the wheel and what medical conditions that can affect their driving they have.



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