This driver was so hell-bent on overtaking using the bike lane, they didn’t see CPD right next to them.

Presumed Ohio resident and Redditor /u/MrSpiffy1979 posted dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the instant karma moment when a driver decided to overtake him using the bike lane next to them.

Little did that driver know, a Columbus PD officer saw the whole thing.

Check out his dashcam footage below.

[oc] Convenient Cop
byu/MrSpiffy1979 inIdiotsInCars

The incident took place in the 1100 block of N. 4th St. at the intersection with E. 5th Ave (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s dashcam footage shows, he’s stopped at the intersection, waiting for his turn to go.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like behind OP, there’s a bike lane next to the dedicated turn lane.

N. 4th St. and 5th Ave in Columbus, OH.

Probably a move this driver’s pulled many times before, we see said driver in a silver Subaru overtake OP using the bike lane and intersection.

“(A) police cruiser is behind me,” OP captioned the video.

Seeing it all play out, the CPD officer flips on his reds and blues and slots behind the offending driver.

It looks an awful lot like the Subaru driver assumed the CPD officer would pass them, thinking they weren’t being pulled over, but such is not the case.

“A rare but very enjoyable moment,”/y/TotallyComputerName commented.

“Great job at anticipating what was going to happen all around,” /u/thimwill complimented.

“I dream about moments like these,” /u/Rudboi2020 added.

This is arguably a marked lane violation which, in Ohio, is subject to a $150 fine before court and admin fees and two points for first time offenders.

Repeat offenders get hit with higher fines and are subject to jail time, too.

Hopefully, that driver learned their lesson.


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