An idiot barreling down the freeway gets a dose of instant karma.

Presumed California resident and Redditor /u/PiroshkiMan shared dashcam footage from earlier last week (Feb 4, 2024) to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the boneheaded moment a driver in a newish Toyota Sienna going at least what looks like 80 MPH in the pouring rain hydroplanes out of control into a freeway barrier.

Check out his dashcam footage below.

[OC] Idiot barreling down the freeway gets instant karma…
byu/PiroshkiMan inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened on the Ventura freeway (CA-134) next to Eagle Rock, California in the greater Los Angeles area (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As his video shows, OP is driving along the Ventura Freeway in the slow lane at a more than appropriate 55 MPH.

It’s not lightly drizzling, it’s pouring rain, which means it’s a good idea to slow down.

All of a sudden, a driver in a White Toyota Sienna comes blazing by OP in the next lane.

They had to be going at least 80 MPH (perhaps even faster.)

“Caught this just as the storm in Los Angeles was rolling in. Looks like the Sienna was trying to overtake the other car.”

If you didn’t already know, one of the main contributors to hydroplaning is speed.

According to Bridgestone Tires,

“Tires need time to evacuate water between their treads and the road surface. The higher the speed, the less time there is for that to happen.”

Going way too fast for the conditions causes the Sienna to hydroplane, spin several times, lose control, and crash into the side of the freeway barrier.

“He was able to park in the shoulder. I don’t feel bad at all for idiots like this.”

From the looks of it, other cars successfully avoided this buffoon, a solo vehicle accident.

As for that driver, hopefully they made it out A-OK.

It will, however be, one expensive mistake to learn from.

“I can’t say it surprises me, but it just mystifies me that people put that much trust in their tires on shi**y conditions and then after an accident like this, won’t question if they were wrong with the way they were driving but rather blame someone else or something about the car JUST to repeat the process again some time later,” /u/ShenanigansAllDay commented.

“Those safety barriers are crazy, imagine how much force that impact must have been. Prevents a lot of natural selection, though,” /u/RyanGreenOnMyC*** added.

If it’s raining, keep your ego in check and lower your usual speeds a tad.

You don’t want to end up like this driver.


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