Drivers making a left turn across traffic must yield their right of way to other vehicles nearby that are an immediate hazard.

Presumed Dallas resident and Redditor /u/SeptumDio shared dashcam footage taken earlier yesterday (Feb 15, 2024) showing the harebrained moment a driver in a fairly new Ford F-150 failed to yield to him (and other traffic) when making a left turn, causing him to get T-boned, causing tens of thousands in damage as a result.

Check out /u/SeptumDio’s dashcam footage below.

[OC] Wreck I was in today
byu/SeptumusDio inIdiotsInCars

The accident happened in the 17000 block of Midway Rd just before the intersection with E Trinity Mills Rd. (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

OP confirms in the comments he was in what looks like a new-ish Ford Ranger.

As we can see in his dashcam video, he’s driving down Midway Rd. at around 40 MPH (the speed limit in that area.)

All of a sudden, a driver in a black Ford F-150 in the center turn makes a left turn in front of OP.

OP brakes fairly quickly, despite the audio not relaying that through the video, but it’s too little too late, and he slams into the bed of the F-150 at 28 MPH (if the GPS is to be believed.)

“Been getting a lot of replies saying I didn’t brake, which I wasn’t sure why until seeing how delayed the GPS mph on the video is. I started braking as soon as I saw them start to pull out, you can see my hood dip a bit when this happens, ” OP clarified.

Surprisingly, his airbags did not go off, but he reports no major or minor injuries except being sore the next day, so thankfully he seems to personally be OK.

Similar can be said for the other driver, no reports of injuries.

The same can’t be said for either of their vehicles.

OP’s Ranger suffered front end damage, but he thinks it’s not totaled.

“I don’t think so, it is (not) totaled and will just need a lot of work since there was a hidden winch mounted up there too.”

The other guy’s truck definitely suffered 10s of thousands in damage if he goes through his insurance, as a hit at that speed will probably need the frame rails tweaked back into place, not to mention a new bed (if you go through the trouble of sourcing and installing a new side panel, might as well put on a new bed.)

Failure to yield turning left is against TXT Transportation Code Sec. 545.152 which states that,

“…an operator shall yield the right-of-way to a vehicle that is approaching from the opposite direction and that is in the intersection or in such proximity to the intersection as to be an immediate hazard.”

Failure to do so is subject to fines between $500-$4000 depending if there are any bodily injuries.

“He turned way too late and way too slow, idiot,” /u/Beatrix_BB_Kiddo commented.

“That was a hard hit, I can only imagine what the impact would have been like if he Cam car wasn’t also a truck,” /u/philbabytcb added.

“Of course, it’s an idiot in a pickup driving all slow as they dart across multiple lane,” /u/AwareMention replies.

And here’s yet another example to get a dashcam if you already haven’t.


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