A driver in San Antonio hopped onto a center median to go straight from a left turn only lane.

Presumed Texas resident and Redditor /u/FrenchToastS*ut posted up a nighttime dashcam video from earlier last month (Jan 25, 2024) showing a driver in San Antonio driving onto a center median at full speed intending to go straight, except she was actually in a left turn only lane.

Check out the driver’s unfortunate accident happen below.

Hopping onto the median to go straight from a left turn only lane [OC]
byu/FrenchToastSlut inIdiotsInCars

This incident happened at the intersection of Culebra Rd. and W Loop 1604 N in San Antonio, TX (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As you can see in OP’s video, OP’s in one of two left turn lanes. His particular lane, as this road sign at that location shows, can either go straight or turn left.

Sign showing what lanes you’re in at this intersection.

The car next to him is in a left turn only lane.

When his light turns green, he continues straight but notice the car next to him in the left turn only lane also goes straight.

OP honks his horn to get the driver’s attention, but it doesn’t work.

With damp roads and poor lighting, the driver probably didn’t notice they were in a turn only lane and couldn’t make out the center median.

“It’s nighttime and there’s rain on the streets reflecting light. If that driver has cataracts, they may not have seen the median at all,” /u/SterlingS commented.

As these screenshots off Google Maps shows, there normally is a large “Go right around median” sign, but it’s since been presumably knocked over by someone else and is nonexistent.

Go right around center median sign, normally there is missing in OP’s video.

The driver drives onto and over the center median at speed and probably damaged their tires, if not parts of the front of their car’s undercarriage.

“Driver was like “oh didn’t one there was a speed bump there,” /u/eyelikeme2 added.

“There really should be some yellow paint or bollards on that median,” /u/Burner7711 suggested, which I agree wholeheartedly.

“Their brake lights came on before they got to the intersection…lost? elderly driver?,” /u/aGirlySloth wondered.

There’s really no good excuse why that driver did what they did.

But, to give them the benefit of the doubt, San Antonio public works can do a little better making this center median more visible.

There definitely needs to be some yellow caution paint on that median, at the very least.


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