How easing off the gas or moving over could’ve defused a potentially disastrous passing maneuver.

Trucker and Redditor /u/KristyConfused posted up dashcam footage from I-35 in Ankey, Iowa showing what happened when she refused to yield to another trucker delivering for Aldi who committed to passing on the right.

Check out the tense I-35 standoff below.

[oc] Trucker committed to the right side pass, even as the lane goes away
byu/KristyConfused inIdiotsInCars

This close call happened on I-35 in Ankey, Iowa just after Exit 94 (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

In her dashcam footage, we can see her driving in the middle lane. This part of I-35 is three lanes that will soon converge to two just after Exit 94.

A truck driver delivering for Aldi can be seen staying in the right-most lane, electing to overtake OP on the right instead of slotting behind her truck.

The general rule of thumb is that the driver in the merging lane must yield to other drivers already in the lane, but that isn’t the case here, so, in that regard, the other driver is at fault.

Regardless, OP has the duty of care to avoid a potential accident, if one were to happen, but she doesn’t do that and instead elects to continue driving in her lane at the same speed.

With no room to merge in front of OP safely, the Aldi driver uses the breakdown lane to complete their merge.

Thankfully, no car was stopped in the breakdown lane, as that would’ve ended disastrously.

OP could’ve simply lifted off the gas or moved over (as there’s no evidence, looking at her mirrors, that there was another vehicle in the other lane.)

This time, nothing bad happened as a result of their combined buffoonery, but the same can’t be said for similar situations like this that play out between drivers.

“Two idiots measuring their d***s and putting others’ lives in danger.” /u/_jump_yossarian commented.

“Bro wanted that sweet reddit karma instead of just doing the correct thing and slowing down to let him in,” /u/Altruistic-Point3980 added.

“Move over? You’re just as much an idiot as the other trucker,” /u/Legal_Guava replied.

When you’re behind the wheel, it’s best to leave your ego’s at home.

You’d think drivers responsible for up to 80,000 pounds would understand this, but, as this video shows, that’s hardly the case.


  1. Why do merging drivers always feel so entitled? The Aldi Trucker should have slowed down and pulled in behind and then they could have safely passed on the left! Just dumb, so many dumb drivers out there do the same thing!

  2. This happens more often than you think. Any driver that’s been out there for awhile, knows about which company has their trucks governed at what speed. When I was OTR I knew i couldn’t go fast so, back off and get behind, or move over and let him in. So, unprofessional. 2 faults don’t make it right. Be safe out there.

  3. I would fire her immediately. Yes the Aldi driver should be fired also but we get paid to be defensive drivers. That’s what keeps everyone safe. Leave the ego at home.

  4. POV truck had right of way but “being right” doesn’t excuse one from being professional. The behavior of both drivers was equally immature and indefensible


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