Why the driver crashed is still unknown, but the dashcam owner guesses it was either someone driving under the influence or a health emergency.

Pennsylvania resident and Redditor /u/JovialMaverick posted up dashcam footage from Emsworth showing the shocking moment when a driver in a small car crashed head first into the side of Aqua World Pet Super Center.

Check out his dashcam video below.

I wonder if they were running late on their lunch break too? [OC]
byu/jovialmaverick inIdiotsInCars

The accident happened off of Lowry St. just before the intersection with Ohio River Blvd (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As you can see in OP’s dashcam video, he’s turning left onto Ohio River Blvd.

It’s hard to see at first watch but, all of a sudden, a small car drives through the parking lot of the Laundromat/Car Wash at around 40 MPH and plows straight into Aqua World Pet Super Center.

The direction the car traveled.

OP, an off-duty EMT, was about to stop to render aid but, with knowledge of how close the local ambulance is, decided any help he managed to give would be of little help.

“I mostly stopped because I’m an EMT (not on duty when I witnessed this lmao) and figured I may be able to help. Then I reasoned 1. I’d have to walk across a busy intersection and possibly become another patient 2. Nowhere safe to put my vehicle 3. Knowing where the nearest ambulance station is, I doubt I’d add much help by the time they got there.”

“I just drove past the aftermath of this! Had to do a double-take as I was scrolled past that it looked so familiar,” local PA resident and Redditor /u/ZMay19 commented.

The consensus is this was probably some kind of health emergency or someone driving under the influence.

“Honestly, (it was) probably a health crisis or someone nodding off on H. The usual boulevard crash culprits,” OP replied.

As of this blog post, I couldn’t find an official reason after a quick internet search and calling around the local businesses in that immediate area.

The pet store that person crashed into is closed today, but I will call them when they’re open and will update this blog post accordingly.

Do you know what might’ve happened?

Let me know in the comments below.


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