A Dump truck driver took a turn a little too sharp and caused thousands in damage to this Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Virginia resident and Redditor /u/DeeVeeOus posted up Tesla camera footage from Bailey’s Crossroads from earlier last week (Feb 29, 2024) showing the embarrassing moment this dump truck driver took a turn too sharp and took out a Jeep Grand Cherokee in the process.

Check out his harebrained driving mistake below.

Trucks always win [OC]
byu/DeeVeeOus inIdiotsInCars

The accident happened on Moray Lane as cars exit the Crossroads Center (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

And here’s a clearer shot of the area via Google Maps.

Moray Lane, exiting Bailey’s Crossroads.

As the above screenshot shows, cars exiting Moray Ln. must stay in their respective lanes to avoid hitting each other as they turn onto Columbia Pike.

An overzealous driver in a dump truck drives forward from the left lane and encroaches into the right lane.

Unfortunately, a driver in a Jeep Grand Cherokee is there, and the large rear wheels of the dump truck make contact with the Grand Cherokee, presumably causing thousands in body damage.

“Truck driver needs to go back to truck driver school,” /u/appa-ate-momo commented, a sentiment shared by most in their replies.

“Did the trucker forgot that he needs to stay in his lane? That is what happens when you cut the corner,” /u/Spirited-Humor-554 added.

“It’s a pretty poor intersection. It’s a service road that runs parallel to the main road then has a sudden tight right turn. That being said, that truck driver can’t drive,” OP replied.

“Interesting. He’s right on the vans’ a**, so he’s not a great driver. Has hood mirrors which let you see passenger blind spot and really good at helping you get the front of the truck close to the right. Spot mirrors and let you see how close your back tires are to anything. Can look out his left side and see he’s far from the left. This driver literally was just going and using zero tools at hand. Toss that CDL in the trash,” /u/GrowlitheFiremon commented.

On top of that, at least one other commenter pointed out the dump truck’s bald tires.

This is yet another example to drive defensively and have a heightened sense of situational awareness, especially around larger vehicles.

You’d think drivers in trucks weighing tens of thousands of pounds would be a more careful compared to the average driver, but that’s often not the case.

And, if you haven’t gotten a dashcam yet, here’s your sign to invest in one.


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