This driver in a lifted Toyota Sequoia felt the need to stop on an active off-ramp to road rage at him from his driver’s seat.

Presumed SoCal resident and Redditor /u/victorious_rudy shared camera footage from his Tesla to the /r/IdiotsInCars subrredit showing the off-the-wall moment when this driver on the 91 in Corona in a lifted mid-2000s Toyota Sequoia, after feeling like he was brake checked, overtakes OP and stops on an off-ramp to confront him.

Check out the unhinged video for yourself below.

[OC] Dork blinded me with high beams and claimed I was brake checking him
byu/victorious_rudy inIdiotsInCars

As mentioned, the incident occurred on Exit 50 off the 91 (Riverside Freeway) in Corona, CA (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

In OP’s video, we can see him taking the Exit 50 (the next exit) onto Main St. off the 91.

In the rearview, we can see the bright lights of what turns out to be a lifted 2006 Toyota Sequoia barrelling down towards the back bumper of OP.

It’s not clear if the Sequoia had their high beams on, but, according to OP’s title, he felt blinded by them (it probably had something to do with the Toyota’s ride height, too.)

In a bid to get the Sequoia to back off, OP taps on his brakes a few times, not nearly enough to be called brake checking.

“I was definitely a little triggered and trying to get him to back off. Also braking a bit cause his lights were impairing my vision,” OP comments.

To get this crazy Sequoia driver off his back, he pulls into what’s left of a breakdown lane, thinking the driver would speed past him.

“I thought he was just going to speed pass me. I was not prepared for this level of idiocy. Also, this is my first new car I got last year. Wasn’t bout to get it dinged up by a 15 year old Toyota.”

Instead of overtaking, the driver in the Sequoia comes to a complete stop in front of OP and effectively stops him from driving forward.

Those in the comments say this is amounts to false imprisonment.

The license plate is clearly visible in 4K.


The driver barks something at OP before closing his door and speeding off. Typical.

I don’t know what he’s saying, but does it really matter?

“That is police worthy. Hope you reported,” /u/AtomicSkier76 comments.

“This just in: when you tailgate someone, any amount of braking feels like brake checking,” /u/Penguinmoss points out.

“Man, it’s not that serious. If you get so upset driving that you have to get out of your car you shouldn’t be driving,” /u/RayQuan36 added.

“”You were slowing me down, therefore I’m going to completely stop now and waste even more time.” You gotta love these clowns, lol,” /u/Kiwi2703 replied, pointing out the driver’s flawed logic.

As with all road rage incidents, it’s best not to engage.

I agree, drivers like this should be reported, but don’t expect police to do anything.

Then again, if it’s on file, and it establishes a pattern of bad driving from certain drivers, it would still be worth it to try.

As /u/RayQuan36 pointed out, it’s not that serious, you easily agitated drivers out there.

Safer roads start with you.


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