The Dashcam owner called her a serial bad driver,

North Augusta locals, remember this Toyota Highlander because you’re going to want to avoid it.

Presumed North Augusta, SC resident and Redditor /u/LS-CRX shared dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the shockingly bad driving moments when this North Augusta High parent sped through a teacher’s lot and pulled a left turn from a right lane on city streets.

Check out the display of bad driving caught on dashcam below.

[OC] Serial bad driver in a silver Highlander
byu/LS-CRX inIdiotsInCars

The incidents happened in North Augusta, SC at North August High and near the intersection of Sycamore Drive and Knox Ave (121) (locations on Google Maps linked here and here.)

In the first half, we see OP drop off his kid at North Augusta High and, in the rearview, you can see a driver in a silver Toyota Highlander drop off their kid, too.

OP thinks a driver in a black GMC Yukon going around the Highlander contributed to the Highlander driver’s demeanor and what happens next.

OP and the black GMC, with the Highlander following close behind them, makes their way slowly through the teacher’s lot in deference to teachers walking from their cars.

The driver in the silver Highlander becomes impatient, goes left, and speeds past OP and the black GMC at a dangerous speed to cut them off.

The Highlander driver speeds around OP through the teacher’s lot at a dangerous speed.

The Highlander does so successfully, but if there was a teacher walking from their car, and they couldn’t stop in time, I don’t need to spell it out.

The next incident 4-6 weeks later really shows just how bad this driver is.

OP is driving on Georgia Ave. and is about to make a left turn onto E Hugh St and signals as such.

E> High St. and Sycamore Dr. in the center of the map.

The same Highlander shows up behind OP and intends to make a left, too, but, instead of filling behind OP like a normal person, they presumably do not see OP signaling and instead they pull into the center turn lane the same time as OP.

This almost ends up with both of them hitting but the driver in the Highlander swings past OP on his right and speeds towards Sycamore Dr. to cut OP off.

If that wasn’t bad enough, just as OP turns left onto Knox Ave, he sees the Highlander driver stopped in the right lane.

OP thinks they’re there to brake check him, but no.

OP swings to the left to avoid hitting the Highlander, but the Highlander starts driving into OP’s lane.

Apparently, the Highlander driver was making a left turn onto Old Edgefield Rd…from the right lane!

This driver in a silver Highlander makes a left from the right lane.

For the second time in less than a minute, they come close to hitting…again!

Truly a terrible driver.

“I feel sorry for their kids,” /u/Lollapaloma comments.

“Very typical school drop off behavior. I’m so f***ing over it,” /u/SunShineLife217 vents.

“What really friends my gears is them trying to pass you on the left while you signal to turn left. I hate that c**p,” /u/Whiplash104 adds.

If you live in the North Augusta area, be warned, this driver in a Highlander is out there.


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