In a case of “He said, she said” and without video evidence, insurance would’ve likely found the dashcam owner liable.

Presumed Texas resident and Redditor /u/Potato_ti**ies shared dashcam footage from his wife in Cypress, TX showing a driver making what looks like a no look lane change into the lane his wife is in, causing her to clip the other driver’s bumper.

Check out the dashcam footage for yourself below.

A selfish driver doesn’t check their mirrors and gets in an accident with my wife. [OC]
byu/potato_titties inIdiotsInCars

The incident took place on US-290 Frontage Rd in Cypress, TX just across from CubeSmart (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the dashcam footage shows, his wife is driving along US-290 Frontage Rd in Lane #3 of this four lane road.

Up ahead, we can see traffic going straight slowing to a stop as two lanes become turn only lanes. The other two lanes are now inundated with additional traffic off Barker Cypress Rd.

One driver in a Lexus SUV at the end of the line in Lane #2 decides they don’t want to wait and does what looks like a no-look lane change into OP’s wife’s lane.

With less than a second to react and a car to her right, she has no other choice but to slam on her brakes.

While she slows significantly, it’s not enough, and she clips the rear bumper of the Lexus.

As mentioned, if this was just hearsay and without video evidence, insurance likely would’ve sided with the driver in the Lexus SUV.

Coincidentally enough, OP’s wife knows a thing or two about her predicament.

“You want to know the funny thing. My wife works as an insurance adjuster and was an auto adjuster for 6 years,” OP replied.

Reading OP’s replies to comments, it sure sounds like that Lexus SUV driver would have no qualms going with that line of defense.

“She (OP’s wife) is OK, no injuries…The Lexus driver even said to my wife that “she should have been paying attention””

Ultimately, with video evidence like this, the other insurance adjuster had no choice but to accept liability.

“They (the other party) accepted 100% liability.”

This is quite literally a Grade A reason to get yourself a dashcam.

“It (the dashcam) has saved me from having to use my insurance to subrogate the other carrier. Which would be claim on my insurance. I tell everyone I know if you drive in Houston or anywhere for that matter have one in your car,” OP commented.

If you haven’t gotten one for yourself, what are you waiting for?


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