This driver in a Tacoma used his truck’s off-road capabilities to chase down a fleeing driver.

One of the wildest examples of road rage played out earlier this week.

Presumed Sacramento resident and Redditor /u/SephRoth45 shared shocking smartphone footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars and /r/Sacramento subreddits showing a driver in a lifted Toyota Tacoma half-seriously ramming another driver into the emergency lane and going off-road to give chase.

Here’s the concerning video below.

Heard this goes here [oc]
byu/sephroth45 inIdiotsInCars

The incident took place on I-80 and CA-51 in Sacramento and parts of North Highlands, CA (Exact location on Google maps linked here.)

As his video begins, we see the driver in a silver Tacoma just about smashing into the side of what looks like a blue BMW X3. It’s not clear if they hit.

OP made a separate post trying to get in contact with the driver in the BMW.

If you’re this blue BMW hit me in the dm.
byu/sephroth45 inSacramento

OP’s not sure what ticked off the driver in the Tacoma, but he’s now seeing red and is hell-bent on exacting his revenge in a fit of road rage on the other driver.

The driver in the blue BMW attempts to flee, but the Tacoma driver gives chase.

“What’s up, G,” OP shouts out the window to the deranged Tacoma driver.

Then, in a surprising display of road rage, the blue vehicle attempts to make a quick exit on Watt Ave (14B,) but the driver in the Tacoma cuts in front of another car and goes entirely off-road to give chase.

What a nutter.

Here’s a closeup of the driver.

This dude’s got a screw loose, for sure.

That’s where the video ends.

“The fact that people like that exist who have a license is terrifying. The dude in the truck is just harassing the blue car probably because he passed him once, not thinking anything of it,” /u/Farkos101100 commented.

“That pickup driver is so unhinged. It makes me wonder what set him off, but I hope he got arrested,” /u/SlackThePad33 replied.

“Can’t believe that truck made the exit without rolling. Hope he got arrested,” /u/Every-Cook5084 added.

Besides the attempt to get in touch with the driver in the BMW, it looks like OP hasn’t made further attempts to inform police.

Then again, what would police do with this information?

The number one rule if you’re a victim of road rage is to not engage. If they continue to follow you like this guy, remain calm, dial 911, and try to situate yourself where you are to assist police to know exactly where to look.

If you know you’re near a police station, drive towards that.

Hopefully, police can figuratively knock some sense into this dude before he causes real harm.


  1. I see this kind of inexcusable behavior on the part of drivers happening here all the time, everyday. I had some lunatic attempt to do the very same thing to me in a Safeway parking lot. There are a lot of unhinged drivers is Sacramento, that’s for sure. These are serif oriented people who don’t have any control over themselves so they act out out by trying to control everything and everyone else around them. They’re the first ones to run people off the road or cut them off… some of them are even willing to go so far as to kill another person because someone gets in front of them in traffic. People are nuts here from what I can see


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