These brave Bay Area Firefighters will have to find another place to chow down after a hard day’s work.

For a handful of Bay Area residents who don’t see what the big deal is with a couple of car break ins, what these Oakland Firefighters wrote is proof positive that trending crime has ripple effects beyond the car thieves victims.

Oakland Firefighters Local 55 posted up a tear-jerking post on social media earlier last week lamenting the closing of Oakland’s Only In-N-Out, #193 at 8300 Oakport St., citing the local, California burger joint as their go-to place for busy days and long nights.

Check out their poignant post below.

“Sad to see In-N-Out in Oakland go. This place was a go-to for meals during busy days and long nights in the East End. They served our members well. You will be missed,” their caption reads.

The photo shows engine E27 and their crew posing with over a dozen Oakland In-N-Out employees outside their store.

With the drive-thru open until 1 A.M., this Oakland In-N-Out was one of the best places to go for late night workers wanting affordable, fresh, fast-food.

Oakland’s In-N-Out #193 is the first In-N-Out store to close in the company’s history.

According to In-N-Out and ABC 7 News,

“Crime on the property and along the Hegenberger corridor is the reason behind it.”

Car break-ins have been an ever present in the Bay Area for decades but a wave of bippers, people who target and break the windows of cars, especially rentals, to steal belongings, has increased from a problem to major issue as of late.

This particular In-N-Out has been a hot spot as tourists who often frequent this location, leaving their cars with their belongings up to an hour, easy pickings for bippers.

While a sad day for these firefighters, they don’t have to go far for their In-N-Out fix, there are several stores within a 10-mile radius, probably not as convenient as having one nearby though.

Oakland is in red. The nearest In-N-Outs are in Alameda, Hayward, and Union City.

“Maybe @innout can send a truck once in a while to your stations and feed the heroes ❤,” Kitty Alvarado @heykittya suggested.

“I don’t know where to go now on my airport run!,” Kathy Cook on Facebook lamented.

“To both sides. Thank You for your Service,” Christopher Duran added.

Hopefully state and local leadership can make sweeping changes to reverse this crime trend as it’s a sign of the times when a successful business like In-N-Out has to prioritize its employees safety over profit.


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