Another Connecticut resident caught video of the two BMWs racing moments before the accident.

If you were wondering what happened to BMWs racing on Route 9 in the New Britain, Kensington, Cromwell area of Connecticut earlier yesterday March 27, 2024, two Redditors caught it all on dashcam.

Redditors /u/Mr_Smith_411 and /u/EccentricNarwhal both shared dashcam videos to the /r/Conneticut and /r/IdiotsInCars subreddits showing, as mentioned, two BMWs racing on Route 9 and the dramatic crash that ensued.

Check out their videos below.

(language Warning) Route 9 South 3/26/2024 around Kensington 4:45ish pm
byu/Mr_Smith_411 inConnecticut
Buddy almost taken out by 2 BMWs [oc]
byu/EccentricNarwhal inIdiotsInCars

The inevitable accident happened in Cromwell, CT on Route 9 (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

In the first video above in the Kensington area we can see a white and dark-colored BMW chasing each other in traffic.

They can be seen recklessly cutting in-between cars.

BMWs racing in and out of traffic on RT-9

“They were cutting in the middle of the cars to the point that myself and the girl behind me had to quickly move over to the left-hand shoulder. How they didn’t even clip my mirror was crazy because that’s how crazy they were going,” /u/Gold_Dust_Lady comments in the first thread above.

In the second video, OP is travelling in the slow lane.

A silver VW Jetta passes by in the fast lane and moves over, presumably to avoid the fast approaching BMWs.

A few seconds later, the black BMW from earlier comes into view, swerves, loses control, goes off-road, and crashes into the embankment nearby.

It’s not clear at first why the BMW swerved, but another Redditor gives the likely cause.

“(The) BMW driver thought he was about to cut up between the Jetta. But when the Jetta got over, he had to quickly turn back left & overcorrected & lost control, /u/No-Dragon816 comments.

According to /u/Gold_Dust_Lady above, the BMW ended up flipping 3 times.

” (The BMW) flipped three times, somehow landed back in the fast lane on all four tires facing the wrong way.”

A driver in a pickup truck near the accident, along with another witness, stopped to pull out the driver and passenger and to render aid if necessary.

“The pickup truck out of frame on your left somehow didn’t get hit. He pulled over as well as myself because I was behind the pickup. He ran, pulled the two people out. They were fine without some much as a scratch on them.”

“He was screaming at the kid about how stupid he was, and the kid seemed more pissed his Beamer was totaled. Unbelievable!”

Seeing that people were stopping, OP from the second video continued on in hopes to come across the other BMW driver (which he never did.)

“Go to the track if you want to race!,” /u/OG24_Jack_Bauer suggested.

“Cammer obviously didn’t know this stretch of highway is a 95 mph zone,” /u/DoctorOzFace sarcastically replied.

“Driving like this is a danger to everyone else. Serious car accidents can mangle and cripple. I hope these idiots get reckless driving charges,” /u/wsc3 replied.

It’s a miracle the driver and passenger came out of that accident unscathed.

Racing on a track is inherently risky, but it’s also legal and a heck of a lot safer than cutting in and out at high speeds on public roads.

Not only are you more likely to crash and injure yourself, your passengers, or worse, you’re putting other innocent drivers in danger, too.

Racing on public streets, just don’t.

This video is yet another example of many of how it all can go so wrong, as it often does.


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