Despite causing the other truck to flip, he stopped to presumably check out the other driver’s condition.

Presumed Florida resident and Redditor /u/TLCGoGoGo shared dashcam footage from one of his family member’s taken in Alachua County to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the moment road rage went too far as one pickup truck driver pit maneuvered another truck, causing them to flip.

Check out the shocking dashcam footage below.

Truck vs Truck Road Rage [OC]
byu/tlcgogogo inIdiotsInCars

/u/TLCGoGoGo doesn’t specify where exactly this happened, but does confirm it happened in Alachua County, with another Redditor commenting it looks a lot like U.S. Route 441.

In the beginning of the clip and as seen in the screenshot below, we can see the first truck, what looks like a silver Toyota T100, brake check a Nissan Frontier following behind them.

The Toyota T100 brake checks the Nissan Frontier.

The T100 signals to let the Nissan Frontier to pass.

The Frontier then straddles the middle of the two lane highway, encroaching on the T100’s lane and forcing him towards the shoulder.

The T100 driver then literally pit maneuvers the Nissan Frontier, causing the Frontier to cut in front, lose control, and flip into the woods next to the interstate.

Surprisingly, the T100 driver slows and pulls to the side, presumably to render aid or, at the very least, check the condition of the driver.

OP mentions in a reply that the dashcam owner and family member pulled to the side to call 911.

“Everyone was okay, just some bruised egos and trucks,” OP confirms in another comment.

“Hell of a PIT, hope it was worth the attempted murder charge. (or maybe attempted manslaughter because Florida?),” /u/L4m3rThanYou commented.

“I will never for the life of me understand how, in a country where a lot of folks exercise their right to carry lethal weaponry, anyone would choose to put their own life at risk simply because of a bruised ego from an imaginary slight,” Hyjynx75 added.

“Toxic masculinity kills,” /u/Phenyle aptly put it.

As you likely know, once you find yourself angry behind the wheel, you begin to lose the ability to make rational decisions that doesn’t lead you to road rage.

While the best advice is to avoid road rage altogether, I’ll do you one better and don’t put yourself in situations that increase your chances of road raging.

That means defensive driving above all else, giving other drivers the proper space, and, if you find yourself the victim of road rage, putting as much space between you and that angry driver as possible.

Road rage, it’s never worth it.


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