Keep It Reet, the car raffle company, and the previous S13 owner both maintain this happened purely by chance.

In a surprising twist that’s got a few of the most recent Keep It Reet car raffle participants shaking their heads, the girlfriend of the previous owner of the car being raffled off was randomly chosen as the winner.

Both Keep it Reet and the previous owner say it’s all one big coincidence.

If you’re not familiar with car raffle giveaways, car raffle companies either partner with a car tuner to build a car to raffle off, or they outright purchase a car enthusiast’s project car they’re wanting to get rid of.

The way they sell tickets varies between car raffle companies, but the goal is essentially the same, sell enough tickets to cover the cost of the car and then some.

In other words, to make a profit. (I came across this Reddit post which really breaks it down.)

You can check out how Keep It Reet does it by visiting their website by clicking here, they essentially sell memberships starting at around between $19.95-79.95 which gets you up to 10 entries a month.

Nissan S13 (240) project car owner Daniel Gounder recently sold his S13 a few weeks ago to Keep It Reet so they could raffle it off as their next big car giveaway.

Gounder announced the sale as such on his Instagram.

As his posts on Instagram and Youtube show, Gounder’s owned this car for at least three years, and has put a lot of time, effort, and money into what’s his passion project.

But as chance would have it, when Keep It Reet announced the winner of Gounder’s car giveaway, his girlfiend, Kristy Mudaliar, was announced as the winner.

Here’s Gounder and Mudaliar posing next to each other as partners from his Instagram.

It’s worth noting that they made the announcement on April Fools’ Day but, three days later, have not made the “It was all a joke” post, so, this is supposedly 100% all real.

As you can imagine, a lot of people were upset.

Here are a few choice comments from that announcement.

“Keep it reet can you also buy my car and gift it to my girlfriend? That will be awesome.,” RJ Ren commented.

“Gaming commission going to love this one,” Matthew Poon replied.

“This is going to hurt you guys in a big way,” Antony TeamlongBall added.

In response, Keep It Reet pinned a reply and made it clear that they didn’t think it through to not include the previous car owner’s partners as potential winners and maintain it’s 100% random.

Keep It Reet’s winner announcement.
Close-up of the winner’s agreement.

“Our terms do state that the previous owner cannot win the car but nothing about their girlfriend or boyfriend entering. I guess it’s time to change the terms…our draws are 100% at random, and it was luck of the draw that Kristy was drawn.”

Gounder cleared the air and posted his .02 on his Instagram Stories.

IG Stories 1 and 2.
IG stories 3-6.

“It’s a crazy coincidence, but coincidences do happen & I guarantee if it happened to you, you wouldn’t be complaining.”

“Now, for everyone thinking the car goes “back to the old owner”. No – The car does not go back to me, it is not coming back to my garage, and it is not MY car anymore. I didn’t win the raffle, my girlfriend did so it’s up to her what she does with the car.”

If this is how it all played out, there’s really nothing anyone can say on the matter that will change the outcome of the raffle.

That being said, what Gounder said is true, Mudaliar can do what she wants with the drift build.

For example,

  • She can drive, modify, and plain out enjoy her new car.
  • She can sell it to someone else.
  • And she can even sell it back to Gounder because, hey, it is her car.

Although, on that last one, I’m sure people would be even more upset if word got out about that.

It’s a wild and coincidental story, for sure, and we’re just going to have to take their word for it.

If I were Gounder, I’d lie low for a bit, stay off social media till this mostly blows over.

Because, despite what you say to defend yourself, the result’s left a bitter taste in raffle participants mouths.


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