This is who owns Saul Goodman’s Yellow 1998 Suzuki Esteem as of this blog post.

While Saul Goodman drove a handful of cars in the 2015-2022 hit legal crime drama “Better Call Saul,” one particularly beat up car was Goodman’s primary vehicle, a run-down and repaired yellow Suzuki Esteem.

Now, after a couple of years since the show’s last episode, many wonder where that 1998 Suzuki Esteem is today.

A quick google reveals that the Esteem was part of a 2022 Auction Lot by GWS Auctions back in 2022.

As these auction photos show, the Esteem was left restored and mostly in its original state.

Thanks to a tweet I saw on X earlier yesterday (credited below), as of this blog post, the worn down Suzuki Esteem appears to have been acquired and is currently owned by VW Beetle Enthusiast and documentarian Tory Alonzo who goes by @vdubber4life on Instagram.

Check out Alonzo’s post telling his followers how he got new plates for the Goodman Esteem with the same exact letters and numbers as the show car.

“New Correct Plate. Same crappy Esteem,” Alonzo’s caption reads.

It’s worth noting that this Esteem isn’t actually roadworthy and registered in the State of New Mexico like the new plates suggest, but are just reproduction plates.

“Had make one for me,” Alonzo replied to a comment asking about where the plates were made.

Alonzo doesn’t say what his plans are with the Esteem but, if his past BAT listings and most recent Instagram posts have anything to say about the fate of this show car, it’ll probably be re-sold to someone who wants to keep this Esteem for the long term.

Here’s a post from Alonzo back in April showing off the Volvo 240 from the final season of Breaking Bad he acquired and later re-sold to a fellow Breaking Bad and TV show car collector.

Re this Volvo, there’s this comment below from the now owner.

“Thanks again for helping me find it and for all the help restoring it! Appreciate you brother!,” @KristoperLeeRoe commented.

While the ultimate fate of this Esteem isn’t known, it’s safe to say it’ll be taken cared for by someone who’ll actually want it.

For the foreseeable future, Goodman’s Esteem is in good hands, a good man’s hands if you will.

*if someone else owns this Esteem and this post hasn’t been updated, let me know in the comments below!

H/T – @PatsCurtins via Twitter


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