The only thing better than the instant karma this C3 Corvette owner got is the dashcam owner’s “No f***s given” reaction.

Presumed Illinoisan and Redditor /u/jtotties posted up hilarious dashcam footage from earlier in the week (May 9, 2024) to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the facepalm moment a driver in a classic C3 Chevrolet Corvette decided to race OP’s Honda HR-V to the end of a lane merge, only to spin out on the damp roads.

Check out her dashcam footage below.

The incident happened at the intersection of I-53 and I-38 (Roosevelt Road) in Glen Ellyn, IL (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

“Caught this idiot trying to race me before the streets merged into a single lane.”

As OP’s video and a screenshot of the road ahead shows, this two lane road merges into one.

This part of I-53 goes from two lanes to one.

Drivers in both lanes typically default to a zipper-type merge, but this C3 Corvette driver had to make sure he was in front and gave it the beans.

” I drive an HR-V and would’ve merged behind him.,” OP clarified.

It didn’t help the C3 driver that the roads were damp as after launching off the line we can see the C3 swerve to the left, hop the thin center median, and do a complete 180, barely missing a driver in a red crossover going the other way.

Like a seasoned pro who’s seen these types of shenanigans all too much, OP just smirks and comments what anyone who saw what she just saw would say.

“F***ing idiot.”

That smirk, the no f***s given. A queen!

“I had a long day at work (nurse) and just wanted to go home. I’ve had enough of people’s s***… There was no collision,” OP commented and clarified.

” I love your reaction so much, OP!! The fact that you stayed chill, with a slight smirk while watching them spin, finishing with that “f***ng idiot” line… everything was just perfect,” /u/efferkah commented.

“This lady is destined to be a disappointed grandmother ,” /u/TheRyleeKat hilariously added.

“She’s my new hero,” /u/nscomics complimented.

This C3 Corvette driver is this meme personified.

Mindset of the modern car guy
byu/inaccurateTempedesc inCartalk

While this ended with no one hurt, this could’ve ended differently with a collision.

It’s one thing to give it a bootful in the middle of the night in an empty parking lot, but to pull this stunt off without knowing the capabilities of your own car, especially on damp roads, is irresponsible.

Had a cop observed this, that C3 driver would’ve gotten a ticket, for sure.

Take it easy on the roads, y’all.


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