Enraged they had to wait a half second more for this Corolla driver to move, he pulled into a gas station and staged a near T-bone collision.

Presumed Santa Cruz County resident and Redditor /u/BoomerBill69 shared disturbing dashcam footage from census-designated Felton, CA showing a driver in a Toyota Tacoma taking out his revenge on a distracted driver by faking a T-boning.

Check out his dashcam video below.

Braindead Corolla driver sits at green light. Fragile Tacoma driver honks, performs dangerous punishment pass, gets honked back at, and attempts reckless maneuver in revenge [OC]
byu/boomerbill69 inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened in the 6300 block of Highway 9 (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As you can see in OP’s video, what set off this Tacoma driver started near the intersection of Graham Hill Rd. and Mt. Hermon Rd.

A mid-’90s Corolla in front of the Tacoma takes one or two seconds longer than usual when his light turns green.

Annoyed, the Tacoma driver honks to get the Corolla driver’s attention.

That wasn’t all.

In retaliation, the Tacoma driver changes lanes, speeds up, and overtakes the Corolla driver.

Little did we know, he was setting himself up for something truly unhinged.

The Tacoma driver pulls into the now closed “Cornerstone Automotive” Gas station and literally waits for the Corolla driver to come around.

Seeing the Corolla approaching, the Tacoma driver guns it, cutting off the Corolla yet again in a show of revenge.

This Tacoma waits for the Corolla to come around before gunning it.

Had the Corolla driver stepped on his gas, the Tacoma might’ve T-boned the Corolla.

A case of road rage if there ever was one.


Here’s the close-up of the Tacoma’s plates, 66532P3.

“Corolla driver definitely took too long IMO and his driving was also suspect (I followed him the next few miles, and he was driving like he drank a 24 pack of beer, couldn’t stay on his side of the road, almost driving into barriers). However, that move to escalate for no reason and THEN try and cause a crash makes the Tacoma the biggest loser here,” /u/OP commented.

“Corolla driver was fine, Tacoma driver is an absolute f***waste c***stain. The corolla took half a second longer to start going than the car to the left. The Tacoma tried to start going before anyone else even started moving, nearly rear ending the corolla in the process,” /u/Kevaldes commented.

“Wait, I thought that the Tacoma driver was in a big hurry. But he has time to pull that odd, childish move in and out of the gas station?,” /u/Right_Lane_Camper pointed out.

Distracted driving is inexcusable, but it’s not our job to correct them, especially by road rage.

Dispensing justice is a job for police.

If they’re posing a direct risk to drivers around them, by all means call 9-1-1.

If not, the best you can do is avoid them as safely as possible.

To seek out revenge like this is not the way to handle things.


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