The chances this driver was on their phone are high.

Presumed Okie and Redditor /u/LazySonsaBi***es posted up shocking dashcam footage from Tulsa from earlier yesterday (May 25,2024) showing the harebrained moment a likely distracted driver on their smartphone gets himself T-boned shortly after almost hitting a pedestrian walking their bike across the crosswalk.

Check out the ridiculous bit of driving behavior below.

The incident happened in Tulsa at the intersection of E 11th St. and S. Lewis Ave. (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s video shows, he approaches the intersection with a car and truck already waiting at the light.

We see the car go first, turning right on red.

We can only presume the driver in the truck was distracted, saw the car go out of the corner of his eye, and assumed he had the green to go.

As shown in the screenshot below, his not paying attention causes him to almost mow down a pedestrian walking his bike across.

Almost mows down a pedestrian walking his bike across.

His grand finale of not knowing what the heck he was doing is him running the red light with cross traffic still going, causing him to get T-boned at full speed by a driver in a Kia Soul with the right of way.

The Kia’s probably totaled, the truck probably suffering thousands in damage if he wants to get it repaired properly.

“(I) tried to turn it (the footage) over to the driver of the white car, but he took off after picking up his bumper and yelling at the truck driver for a minute,” OP replied to a comment asking what he did with the video.

Other commenters threw out possibilities why the victim left, including having no insurance, no driver’s license, driving a stolen car, or driving without the proper documentation as an immigrant/illegal immigrant.

“Look at all the time he saved himself,” /u/-MellonCollie- sarcastically commented.

“Idiots like that are exactly why I always look both ways before I enter every green light intersection I go through and never take a green for granted,” /u/JackCalico876.

“It’s the same way dips***s can’t make complete stops at stop signs. It’s there for a reason. If you can’t make a complete stop, don’t drive,” /u/ RyanPelley added.

This wasn’t even a complicated road design, confusing signage, or an anomaly of driving caused by someone else, this was just plain not paying attention.

Now, at least one driver (by the looks of things) has one giant insurance headache.

Thankfully, it looks like all parties escaped without injury, although it could’ve ended up a lot worse.


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