He popped up into the Zoom Court while driving at the same time the judge found out his license was suspended.

Presumed Michigan resident Corey Harris might take the crown for King of Hare Brained Decisions of 2024 when he showed up to a pre-trial hearing earlier this month over Zoom for a “Driving While License Suspended” Charge…while driving, an activity he’s, by law, not allowed to do.

The facepalming and hilarious incident’s been brought to light recently after that part of the Zoom Court hearing went viral as of late all over the internet.

Check out the video below.

WCGW Driving while on Zoom Court
byu/LotionOnSkin inWhatcouldgowrong

According to the case details, Harris was originally charged with a Driving With License Suspended back in October 2023 in Pittsfield Township.

Since the legal process takes notoriously long, Harris was finally arraigned on April 24 of this year with a pre-trial proceeding to take place over Zoom with an order to appear scheduled for May 15, the date of the above video.

As the video shows, Harris not only took advantage of this opportunity to appear virtually by showing up on Zoom on his way to a doctor’s appointment, he exposed himself driving, the one thing he’s not supposed to do.

The judge, the Hon. Judge Cedric Simpson, didn’t even know in the beginning that he had his license suspended and, at that point, was just surprised he was driving distracted.

Honestly, it looked like, if Harris was showing up for a different charge, he would’ve chalked this up to being a bad driver and might’ve let this slide.

Then Simpson looks over Harris’s case details and can’t believe what he’s seeing, Harris has a suspended license.

“OK, so maybe I don’t understand something. This (the case) is for a driving while suspended…and he was just driving, and he doesn’t have a license,” Simpson clarifies with the prosecution.

The prosecution can’t believe what they’re seeing, caught on court camera in fits of laughter.

Can you blame them?

The prosecution stifling their laughter.

Simpson, still in disbelief over Harris’s hare brained move, denies any chance Harris has for a bond, revokes it, and orders him to turn himself in to the Washentaw County Jail where he was supposed to stay for the duration of the trial, however long that might take.

I say supposed to because, as this screenshot of the case details show, there was a Bond Violation hearing the next day, where, although bond was denied by another judge again, bond was eventually set on the day after that on the 17th.

Bond was eventually set on May 17.

Perhaps, this time, the judge ordered Harris to wear an ankle monitor to make sure he won’t attempt to drive again, something he was probably doing the entire time since he got charged and since he originally got his license suspended before Oct. 2023.

Harris should probably get himself a bike, a bus schedule, and stick to that, because, as this shows, he can’t help himself.

Harris’s pre-trial hearing is set for June 5.


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