Did these muscle car owners really need to block an intersection for their Sunday meet? Probably not.

Presumed Virginian and Redditor /u/Bananadiu posted up frustrating dashcam footage from Virginia Beach to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing a pair of Dodge Muscle cars blocking an intersection so he and his buddies could cruise in together.

Check out the ridiculous intersection block below.

[OC] It’s a cruise in, not a cruise together while blocking traffic
byu/Bananadiu inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened at the intersection of Princess Anne Dr. and Landtown Centre Wy in Virginia Beach (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the video shows, two Dodge Challengers turning left from Princess Anne Dr stop in the middle of the intersection like they’re some kind of security detail.

Dashcam video from Sunday morning, it looks like these Challengers are part of a local Dodge car meetup at the Landstown Commons Parking Lot.

“There is a cruise-in thing every Sunday so it’s not a surprise that people drive crazy on that road, especially when you can drive up to 55 there and there are multiple lanes on that road(from the Walmart to Landstown Commons).,” OP clarified.

How many Chargers and Challengers cross, where this maneuver was necessary?


Blocking the intersection, not necessary.

“100% I’m going around that guy,” /u/PenFifteen1 commented.

“People really need to start considering the benefits of driving a beater. Plenty of gaps between the a**hats blocking traffic to scrape their bumpers off as you mosey on through,” /u/WhataDumbA**Take added.

“When someone does this, you need to immediately pull in front of them and block their way,” /u/LakeBoredom suggested.

While it’s cool for you to roll up to a cruise-in with your crew, 7+ cars deep, you can’t impede traffic like that.

These bros might want to re-think their cruise-in strategy next time because, if Virginia Beach police observe this going down, it’s a ticketable offence.

“…impeding traffic falls under the misdemeanor class, and if the court finds you guilty, you may have to pay a Class 4 misdemeanor. This may result in a fine of $250 and the addition of four driving demerits on your Virginia license.” – Source


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