It doesn’t help that this raised pedestrian median kind of blends into the road.

Presumed Wyomingite and Redditor /u/Preston1138 posted up surprising dashcam footage from earlier yesterday (June 1, 2024) showing the shocking moment a driver in a truck just about ruined his suspension and almost got into a crash running over this raised pedestrian island.

Check out the footage below.

[OC] Finally got one worth sharing.
byu/Preston1138 inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened near the intersection of S Robinson Rd. and Chief Washakie Rd in Casper, WY (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s dashcam footage shows, we can see a driver in a sand metallic Chevrolet Silverado enter the center turn lane of S Robinson Rd.

It looks like he’s going to turn into Washakie Rd.

OP or I am not entirely sure what caused him to drive over the raised pedestrian center median at full speed, but it could be a combination of not paying attention and not being able to see it.

The Silverado drives over the raised center median at full speed, almost colliding into oncoming traffic before swerving out of the way and onto the sidewalk.

This is not this Silverado’s first rodeo, as evidenced by his mismatched doors.

Not this Silverado’s first accident.

Thankfully, no vehicle-to-vehicle collision resulted, the only damage being the truck itself.

Here’s a close-up of the median, despite the orange collapsible lane separators and proper signage, I can see how someone can miss the median and run over it.

Close-up of the raised center median.

“Luckily he hit that median to get him to pay attention before smashing in to any of those incoming cars,” /u/Sir-Poopington commented.

“Now imagine that there was a pedestrian there trying to cross… F*** negligent drivers,” /u/SwimmerNos added.

“This should be sent to the city to show them how unsafe this is for pedestrians. That tiny curb island aint gonna do s*** for them,” /u/FAASTARKILLER suggested.

To /u/FAASTARKILLER’s point, it would behoove the city to evaluate this curb island’s effectiveness.

A Google Search reveals that many curb islands do their best to stand out from the road besides the bare minimum signage including painting the curbs yellow, adding shrubs, greenery, or painting it a different color in the center, and making sure the surrounding lane markings are maintained, too.

Addressing this raised pedestrian curb could prevent a bigger accident.


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