Reports say all parties involved in the crash received non-life threatening injuries.

A girlfriend and her friend in the Harmony Village neighborhood of Detroit, MI got a healthy dose of instant karma after, shortly egging their newly ex-boyfriend’s house, they drove off, ran a stop sign, and got T-boned by a fast approaching car.

Video of the incident was filmed by the ex-boyfriend’s neighbor, the footage going viral all over social media.

Check out their video courtesy of Metro Detroit News below.

The egging and incident happened near the 16000 block of Little Field St. near the intersection with Puritan Ave (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

Where the egging took place.

As you can see in the video, two women, one of them an alleged ex-girlfriend, can be seen throwing what looks like eggs at this his house in Harmony Village (a neighborhood in Detroit.)

Alleged backstory is according to re-posters on X/Twitter and Instagram.

“Dawg, this is insane,” @FearedBuck captioned the video.

“This dude broke up with his girlfriend, so they came to egg his house. After they egged and pulled off, they got instant karma.

Shortly after the egging, they drive off, presumably high on adrenaline after the egging, but roll through the stop sign before going through Puritan Ave.

The speed limit down Puritan Ave is 30 MPH.

It looks like a car driving down Puritan Ave. doesn’t slow at all and T-bones the SUV these two women were driving in in the rear quarter panel, spinning the SUV around.

“Fortunately, everyone suffered non-life-threatening injuries,” @MetroDetroitNews informed their followers.

As for both cars, they’re both likely totaled.

“I feel sorry for the innocent driver who had no idea what was coming,” @indiangxddess commented.

“Now someone who was minding their own business is now inconvenienced by a car accident by some people who out here doing lame s***!,” /u/love_always_ingrid added.

“Nobody was chasing, why run the sign?,” /u/aillyhaah asked.

It goes without saying, but it was incredibly foolish and dangerous for those women to run the stop sign like that.

It’s one thing to pull a mostly harmless egging, but to disregard a stop sign proved one harebrained decision too many.


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