The Utah police officer appears to be Utah Game Warden.

Presumed Utahan and Redditor /ubeanez22 shared a clusterf*** of a dashcam video from earlier last week (June 6, 2024) from Lehi, Utah showing a traffic violating police officer (of some sort) pulling over a reckless passer in a truck.

Check out his dashcam video below.

[OC] caught a naughty truck behaving poorly today on the freeway
byu/beanez22 inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened on I-15 in Lehi, UT just before Exit 278 onto American Fork Main St. (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s video shows, what is probably a Utah Fish and Wildlife Game Warden cuts in front of OP in the HOV lane, crossing double solid white lines.

According to UDot,

“Crossing the double white lines is not only illegal – it is unsafe!”

We then see a driver in a lifted Chevrolet Silverado pass OP, overtake the car in front of him in the fast lane, and attempt to overtake the left lane camper by accelerating well past the speed limit.

The left lane camper accelerates to block the truck from passing, in and of itself a dangerous move, too.

Yes, Utah has left lane laws which prohibit left lane campers from staying in the fast lane if they aren’t actively passing other vehicles.

The truck “wins” the acceleration battle and cuts in front of the left lane camper in plain view of the Utah Game Warden in the HOV lane.

The reckless passer gets a dose of instant karma as we see the Game Warden put on their blues and tunes, pulling over the reckless overtaker.

“Both trucks doing stupid s***,” /u/christodamenis commented, pointing out the obvious.”

“Plus the car camping in the left lane (to the right of OP). They eventually pass someone 30 seconds in, but they could’ve been to the right the first 20 seconds,” /u/KnowledgeableOnThis replied.

“I would not believe that is a cop if I got pulled over by that vehicle lmao. But I’ve seen people impersonate cops to rob people in my state,” /u/kjk050798 added.

As pointed out by other Redditors, just because you’re in a government vehicle doesn’t put you above the law, traffic laws included (obviously.)

Although, as this game warden shows, they sure act like they are.

If you’re a left lane camper, just get into the other lanes.

While that orange truck did pass recklessly, the left lane camper didn’t help the situation by sitting in the fast lane and accelerating.


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