Dashcam video shows a sign board was in her way, blocking clear view of oncoming traffic.

Presumed Northern Californian and Redditor /u/Danville_Flatts shared heart pounding dashcam footage from earlier this week (June 10, 2024) from Penn Valley, CA showing the harebrained moment an elderly lady driver blindly pulled out of a gas station, narrowly avoiding getting her Mazda crossover T-boned.

Check out his dashcam footage below.

Old be people be like “oopsie ☺️” [OC]
byu/danville_flatts inIdiotsInCars

The incident took place in the 17000 block of Penn Valley Dr in Penn Valley, CA as this crossover exited the local Penn Valley Mini Mart and self serve gas station (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s video shows, he’s travelling at a conservative 33-35 MPH down an arguably busy stretch of road.

With cars entering and exiting nearby businesses, staying on your toes and driving defensively is important.

As OP approaches Penn Valley Mini Mart, an elderly driver in a blue Mazda crossover suddenly makes a left turn.

Keen eyes will notice her field of vision to her right is obstructed by a CA Lotto Lucky Retailer sign board.

This driver in a Mazda can’t see cars approaching from her left because of the signboard.

Thank God it’s a dry, sunny day because OP has an excellent reaction time braking, coming within a handful of feet of the elderly driver’s Mazda.

“Holy s***…someone actually hits their brakes first before the horn? Nice reaction on the stop,” /u/NightF0x0012 commented.

“Yay car dependent society where old people are forced to drive to get out of the house,” /u/Most_Mix_7505 sarcastically added.

“Had a grandma turn in front of me and total my car a few months ago and thankfully the adrenaline made me worry if anyone was hurt rather than make me pissed off. The rage definitely hit later, and many people got to hear my rant about how people need to start being re-tested biannually starting at 65,” /u/BrickLuvsLamp replied.

It’s irresponsible and downright dangerous to not be able to see oncoming traffic when you’re pulling out into traffic.

That lady should’ve crept up past the sign board, craning her neck to get a better look for oncoming traffic.

This could’ve ended up a lot worse, at the very least, an insurance headache for both parties.


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