If this truck hit this Ford Bronco Sport, it would’ve been a catastrophic yard sale.

Floridian and Redditor /u/hick1119 shared breathtaking dashcam footage from Casselberry, FL from earlier last week (July 2, 2024) showing the moment a driver towing an enclosed utility trailer ran a red light and came within feet of T-boning a driver in a Ford Bronco Sport turning left.

Check out the close call below.

Close call at light [OC]
byu/hick1119 inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened at the intersection of Seminola Blvd. and Lake Drive in Casselberry (the exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s dashcam video shows, he’s in turn lane #2 behind a white Ford Bronco Sport now with the green light.

A driver in a dark Toyota Tundra starts to turn but comes to an abrupt stop.

The driver in the Ford Bronco Sport continues forward but doesn’t have as clear a view as the driver in the Tundra.

The driver in the Bronco Sport sees a red-light-running driver towing an enclosed utility trailer approaching and, exposed to getting T-boned, commits to gunning it, completing the left turn.

They come within one or two feet of getting T-boned.

A keen-eyed Redditor pointed out that the red-light-running truck attempted to brake, but it would’ve been too little too late.

 “…you can see the smoke from the trailer brakes locking up. My guess would be they weren’t paying attention and had s*** brakes to top it off,” /u/IDontRememberMyOldUS pointed out.

If they’d hit, that trailer towing truck was carrying a lot of energy and I could only imagine the amount of destruction that would ensue.

Thankfully, nothing came of this close call except, perhaps, some soiled clothing.

It’s worth noting the Tundra had some pretty dark front tinted windows but, according to Tinting-Laws, they appear to be as dark as legally possible at around 28%.

I can only assume the Bronco Sport driver might’ve been able to see the red-light running truck if the Tundra had windows that let in more light.

“The Bronco going ‘LOLSHI-” and just boosting himself out of the way,” /u/BCCommieTrash commented.

“Big black pickups know they need to look out for other big black pickups doing crazy things,” /u/mostlynight commented.

According to a blog post from Lexis Nexis, distracted driving is on the rise across all demos.

With that in mind, this is your reminder to take a beat and look both ways before entering an intersection.


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