This driver going down 211 needs your help identifying who this driver is.

Presumed Virginian and Redditor /u/Mangolicious786 shared head-shaking dashcam footage from what looks like Lee Highway earlier last weekend (June 30, 2024) to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the harebrained moment a driver barrelling 211 crossed over into the opposite lane forcing /u/Mangolicious786 off the road and into a guardrail.

Now, he needs your help identifying who owns this Tacoma and who was driving.

Check out his dashcam video below.

[oc] side swiped by truck. Any way to make out pates? Shenandoah, VA
byu/Mangolicious786 inIdiotsInCars

Additionally, /u/Mangolicious786 has linked the full-resolution videos from other POVs (linked here.)

OP doesn’t give us the exact location of this incident, but according to other Redditors, it appears this is a stretch of US Route 211 aka Lee Highway, the general area is screenshotted on Google Maps below.

“This is way in the mountains, right by the entrance of Shenandoah National Park.”

The general location where the incident likely occurred.

As OP’s video shows, he’s driving up a windy bit of Lee Highway when, suddenly, a driver in a white Toyota Tacoma crosses his lane and heads straight at him.

“My car was full of old parents and others,” OP clarified.

If OP hadn’t taken evasive maneuvers, he would’ve gotten into a head-on collision, no doubt.

The maneuver saw OP slam his car into the guardrail as the alternative would’ve been a high-speed, head-on collision.

“Hit it (the guardrail) haaaarrd,” OP replied to a comment asking if he hit.

Although OP filed a police report with Rappanhock County Police, this is the best shot of the rear license plate.

OP’s asking for your help if you live in the area and can ID who this driver is.

Dashcam screenshot credit: /u/Mangolicious786

Other commenters pointed out that a subdued American flag is visible on the driver’s side, that it’s lifted and has an aftermarket, wider wheelbase. The Tacoma also possibly has aftermarket taillights/headlights.

“F**er has two whole lanes on their side and still needed yours.Unless their brakes suddenly went out they should just turn in their license,” /u/Takerial commented.

“It’s clearly not distracted driving if you watched the video. The driver was paying attention, but driving way too fast. The front wheels lost traction and understeered severely,” /u/Buttergang8 expertly surmised.

“Holy moly, I’m grateful you have such good reflexes. It pays to pay attention, kids. This could’ve been extraordinarily bad,” /u/ROmaniQueerios also commented.

In a lot of Virginia counties, this type of driving is reckless and driving too fast for conditions, itself a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Driving too fast for conditions is subject to a fine of up to $2,500, and/or a jail sentence for up to a year, and/or a driver’s license suspension of up to six months. In addition, you get six points on your record, likely increasing your insurance premium.

This type of driving behavior is what gets other drivers seriously injured or worse.

As with many of these types of reckless driving dashcam videos, it could’ve ended up a lot worse.


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