This dashcam owner was unfortunately the victim of this Tesla Model Y driver’s idiotic, last-second decision.

Presumed Marylander and Redditor /u/Opal_Spectacles shared frustrating dashcam footage from I-95 from earlier last month (June 27, 204) to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the idiotic moment a driver in a Tesla Model Y tried to take the 210 Exit (Exit 3) at the last second, causing an accident, wedging his electric crossover between the side of the gore point and Opal_Spectacles‘s car.

Check out the dashcam footage for yourself below.

Idiot in a Tesla tried to get onto the exit ramp far too late and smashed right into me…
byu/Opal_Spectacles indashcamgifs

The incident happened on the I-95 portion of I-495 while cars exit onto the 210 off-ramp to Forest Heights and Indian Head (Exit 3 and exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As /u/Opal_Spectacles’s dashcam footage shows, he takes the Exit 3 off-ramp.

Unbeknownst to him, a driver in a Tesla Model Y decides to take Exit 3 at the last second, too, literally trying to squeeze his EV between the gore point and OP’s car with no room to spare.

The Model Y sets them up for an accident, creating an impossible situation, and the inevitable happens.

With nowhere to turn, lest OP swerves towards the other freeway barrier, OP clips the rear passenger wheel of the Model Y, richoeting the Model Y into the gore point and causing the Model Y to crash head-on into the parallel freeway barrier on the other side.

The Tesla, and possibly OP’s car, is essentially totaled.

Filled with adrenaline and not thinking straight, the Tesla Model Y driver eventually got out and offered what OP calls a pathetic apology.

“There was a lot of screaming on my (and my family’s) part and a pathetic “I’m sorry, I can fix it, I can help you” on his part. Like he acted as if he had only busted my tire and could fix it right then…with a cut/bleeding arm. It was ridic!”

The damage was so bad on OP’s car (a 2024 Honda Civic) that it was undrivable and had to be pushed to the side of the road with the help of some Good Samaritans.

Police arrived on the scene but OP doesn’t know if the Model Y driver was charged, if anything.

Thankfully, it sounds like no one was seriously injured.

But both, now, have months of back and forth between their insurance companies, not to mention the hassle of sourcing two new cars, as both are likely totaled.

“Bad drivers never miss their exit,” /u/Fernandop00 replied, repeating an oft-said quote about these types of accidents.

“Crazy how some people would rather risk their life and the life of others just to try and save maybe 5-10 mins due to missing an off-ramp. Like, s*** man, there will be another opportunity just exit and turn around ffs,” /u/PM_ME_COMMON_SENSE added.

OP clarifies that, even if the Model Y successfully made that dangerous maneuver, he would’ve saved zero time.

“Especially at the time of day he hit me. It was the middle of rush hour, so just off the ramp was bumper-to-bumper traffic. Not like he would’ve gotten anywhere faster.”

It’s never worth it, gambling on risky maneuvers like this, especially at highway speeds.



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