Gidi Chamdi’s AMS Alpha G GT-R just ran their R35 into the 6’s making it not only the fastest Nissan GT-R in the world but the first to break out of the 7’s.

The Nissan GT-R quarter mile record is one of the most famous import platform records which other tuner shops around the world measure themselves against. If you’ve got the record, you can build a fast GT-R and not only do you gain the respect (yes that’s a F&F reference) but you definitely benefit from people coming into your shop to get some of that speed to rub off on their GT-R’s. According to the hosts of TX2K17, AMS ran their AMS Alpha G into the record books and ran a 6.973-second quarter-mile blast at 196.27 MPH. Check out the videos below!

Held at Royal Purple Raceway, TX2K17 is a four-day race event that sees some of the fastest drag cars boasting only the highest horsepowers builds that current technologies can make them (think 1000+ HP only.) Arguably the highlight of the weekend was seeing which GT-R could finally cross that 7-second barrier. The world record has been reset for the quarter mile time and time again and breaking into the 6’s was inevitable, it was just a matter of when.

Up until Gidi Chamdi, the owner of the Alpha G GTR, broke into the 6’s, you had pretty much three other GT-R’s that were hot on his heels.

  • E-Kanoo racing in Bahrain- 7.085 at 213.27 MPH
  • Alpha Logic in Qatar- 7.05 at 206 MPH
  • Extreme Turbo Systems in the USA- 7.012 at 209.26 MPH
  • not to mention Gidi’s Alpha G which ran a 7.126 at 209.19 MPH

Earlier on Tuesday Gidi’s Alpha G had a small fire caused by unburnt exhaust fuel making the exhaust hot enough to ignite the core support and nearby wiring. The fire got put out and that issued obviously got remedied real quick. When asked how much power his Alpha G was making during TX2K17, Gidi optimistically stated somewhere between “2,500-2,600 HP.”

Be proud America, the fastest GT-R resides on our shores and I’m sure that not only was the international competition excited about the record but just a little disappointed they couldn’t get to 6 seconds first.


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