Reeves and Peter Callaway and their 2016 Callaway Corvette Aerowagen stop into Jay Leno’s garage to show off their latest creation and drop some knowledge.

If you’re a carbuff on the interwebs like we are you know that Sunday nights usually means a new episode of Jay Leno’s garage hits his channel.  Earlier last week we heard that Callaway had stopped off at Jay’s Burbank car lair to film the latest episode of his hit internet show and according to Jay Leno’s channel today (Mar. 20, 2017) that video was published for all to enjoy.

Not only did Peter, the son and heir to the Callaway Kingdom, and Jay geek out over the specs of the Aerowagen, we got to hear a little bit of history behind Callaway’s relationship with GM. Specifically, Reeves and Jay rehashed over the history of Alfa Romeo and their GTV6 twin turbo and how without Alfa there would be no GM relationship and subsequently…this Aerowagen. Check out the video for yourself below!

The Callaway Corvette Aerowagen officially was announced earlier in February and with a handful of renderings and pictures of the real deal circulating around the web, details on the package were left to the press release to answer. Paired to the rear end of a C7 Corvette for $15 thousand a regular C7 turns from wow to “hmm, that’s certainly interesting to say the least.” According to Peter Callway, the entire Aerowagen package gives the C7 an entirely different look without having to rebody the majority of the panels. With a coach built factory look the new design language of the shooting brake has firmly divided  Corvette camps into either hating the thing or absolutely loving it.

Front view of what the final production of the Callway Aerowagen will look like.
Rear view of what the final production of the Callway Aerowagen will look like.

The Aerowagen that Peter and Reeves Callway happened to drive in included Callaway’s $18 thousand optional SC757 powertrain which ditches GM’s 1.74 L supercharger in favor of Callway’s 2.3 L unit with improved cooling (thanks to a proprietary intercooler design. ) So not only is this particular Aerowagen “breaking necks on the daily” it also can almost literally break some necks (not really) thanks to 757 HP and 777 lb-ft of total power. And rest assured, the Aerowagen top is actually functional with any C7 expected to benefit from less drag and an overall lower Cd. We’ll have to wait for Callaway to drop some wind tunnel results of some kind if we’re led to believe that but we don’t think it’s a bunch of hot air.

Face it. For $80 thousand any average Joe can be the proud owner of a C7 ZO6. But without the badging, extra aero bits, and special factory extras, the  Z06 looks similar to its $47 thousand base model b to the passerby on the street. In order to stand out of any Cars and Coffee crowd you have to either wait for GM to unveil their C7 ZR1 or be forced to blend in with the rest of the GM brethren gathered in parking lot B. Thanks to Callway, for just $15 thousand you can be “that Corvette guy” with a bonafide shooting brake. We think it’s worth the couple thousand.


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