The 2006 Ford GT owned by Mark Heidaker once again broke the Texas Mile Record with a 282.2 MPH pass.

If you take a look at the official logo for the Texas Mile it has 278 emblazoned on the logo in honor of the current  speed record holder of its one mile run event. Year after year that record has been broken and rebroken by the same car, a 2006 Ford GT owned by Mark Heidaker and tuned by M2K Motorsports. According to the official Texas Mile page on facebook earlier toady (Mar. 25, 2017) the live-streamed run shows that refreshed Ford GT blasting down the mile, without much fanfare, to a barn blazing 282.2 MPH record. Check out the entire run below!

As far as record runs go the boys at M2K motorsports made it look all too easy. Sporting it’s iconic Gulf livery and a 280 race number in hopes of breaking its own record, the Ford GT rolled up to the starting line without a hint of drama.

You’d think that, like a normal drag race, you’d have the Ford GT doing a burnout and shooting off from a dig but you’d be wrong. After a small run-up, the Ford GT accelerated away at a record pace. The quarter mile came in at 159 MPH while shifting into fourth and the half mile sensor caught the Ford GT hitting 218 MPH in fifth gear. From there the GT didn’t shift and kept on accelerating to its record speed.

Keen eyes will notice in the comments John Hennessey of Hennessey Motorsports congratulating the team on their run. According to John, ” (Ya’ll) made it look easy. Congrats Mark, Kevin, Patrick, and team!” Hennessey and his Venom GT used to own the record with an equally impressive 263 MPH run back in 2012.

Last year M2K Motorsports ran a 279.9 MPH run then trouncing their own 278 MPH run. We’ve posted the video of that run below.

You’ll be surprised to know that the engine build in this particular Ford GT is more simple than you’d think. M2K Motorsports still utilizes the stock block and head, essentially what the Ford GT came from the factory with. M2K ditches the factory supercharger for a pair of giant turbos and all the right supporting engine modifications. Besides that, everything else remains the same including a stock dashboard, running gear, and even factory air-conditioning.

This car is definitely a testament to how good a foundation the Ford GT is and pushes the expectations for the new Ford GT even further.



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