Ford announced that they’re equipping their new Ford GT with five driving modes, a mode for every occasion.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the handful of potential owners chosen to snag an invitation to buy Ford’s new GT you’ll want to pay attention. According to Ford via an official press release they dropped earlier today (Mar. 28, 2017) it looks like the all new Ford GT will benefit from five distinct driving modes. It used to be that owning a supercar meant having to deal with all the quirks that made supercar ownership quite bothersome but today’s supercars leave room for compromise. That means adjustable suspension to get you over speed bumps, actual luggage space (although there is virtually none for Ford’s new GT), and a driving mode for any occasion.

Ford GT
Ford announces five driving modes for the new Ford GT

The five modes are normal, wet, sport, track and v-max.

Normal mode is where you’ll find most drivers who want to limit how responsive the throttle is. Ride height is set at 120mm, traction and stability control can’t be switched off, and the rear wing deploys at 90 MPH. Hello CHP!

Wet mode dulls throttle response so you don’t send to much power to all four wheels.

Sport mode is where you’ll find most of the hooligans driving in. Throttle response is sharpened and anti-lag is enabled. That’s the system that makes sure that the turbo is spooled up at all times. Anti-lag also means wicked pop-pop sounds when decelerating.

Track mode drops the GT by 50mm. Springs and dampers get stiff, the rear wing is permanently deployed and the aero openings in the front shunt closed to make the car ready for maximum down-force.

V-Max mode is self explanatory. Ride height remains lowered by 50mm but now all spoilers and down-force aiding technology tucks away to make the Ford GT as slippery as possible. Stability control handles all the tricky bits to make sure you’re going in a straight line at all times. V-Max happens to be 216 MPH for this GT machine meant for the streets.

The new Ford GT is one low-slung exotic made by Ford. With 647 HP thanks to its twin-turbocharged V6 all cradled in a carbon fiber structure, it’s a piece of American engineering that’ll be terrorizing local streets sooner rather than later. We can’t wait to see one in person.


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