Elon Musk has confirmed to a third party that details on Tesla’s fourth model will be coming next week.

It’s long been known among Tesla’s faithful that their would inevitably be a fourth model ever since the Tesla Model 3 was unveiled and production began. Based on the underpinnings of the Tesla Model 3 many assumed that Tesla would branch off into a possible crossover, which would be the natural progression of the platform given just how hot crossovers are in the market. According to Electrek on their report on the verified rumor earlier today (Mar. 28, 2017) it looks like Elon Musk is ready to spill some of the first available details on what the Tesla Model Y (or at the very least a fourth model) will be. Read on for all the juicy details.

Just four days ago in a response to a tweet on Musk clarifying that the Tesla Model 3 was the “next version” of a Tesla Elon replied that Tesla Model Y is definitely coming in a few years and that Tesla, “Kinda has to”

In a separate direct message, Ars Technica got confirmation that “Next Week” details would be forthcoming on Tesla’s fourth model. Combining the two details it’s all to easy to jump to the conclusion that Model Y is the fourth model Musk is talking about and would be the total confirmation of one of the best leet speek jokes of all time, S3XY.

In our opinion a crossover SUV would be the most likely candidate for Tesla Model Y. Consider all the subcompact crossover pairings that are successfully selling right now. You have the Toyota Corolla/Rav4, Honda Civic/CR-V and Nissan Sentra/Rogue just to name a few. Given the natural economic efficiency that comes with having different offerings from the same platform, a crossover SUV would further boost Tesla’s sales. Some would argue that Tesla should’ve come out with a crossover SUV first (but that’s not the natural progression of platforms.)

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Elon has confirmed that this newest model will, once again, come with those iconic falcon doors. We suspect they’re going to make sure that the design will be a tad simpler and the relationship with the supplier will be iron clad.

As for know we’ll have to wait and see what Elon tweets next. Rest assured, Tesla Model Y is on the way.


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