Toyota dropped a teaser of its Toyota FJ Cruiser replacement and gave us the shortest press release we’ve come across yet.

When Toyota meant to tease what they have in store for us at the New York International Auto Show they literally meant a tease. With just four words and an image Toyota lit the flame underneath fans of the discontinued FJ Cruiser. According to Toyota on their press release they dropped today (Mar. 29 2017) they’re bringing…something…to the New York International Auto Show and it should be worthy of the title of Toyota FJ Cruiser replacement. Check out the one and only teaser image they provided for us below!

Toyota FT-4X
Toyota teased us with what their upcoming FT-4X concept will look like

Four Wheeling. Scene Stealing. That’s all that Toyota gave us to go on. Thankfully, we do have a bit more information than that. For one, we do know that Toyota trademarked the name FT-4X last year back in October. We can assume that FT stands for future vehicle (just like the FT-1 Supra replacement concept and the FT-SX which later became the Toyota Venza) and 4X refers to the four wheel drive drivetrain.

We also have the tire size to conjecture from as well. The Toyota FJ Cruiser had a 265/70R17 under its wheelwell while this new concept sports a 225/55/R18 under its own. We can further assume that if this concept made it into production we can expect a wider footprint, meater sidewall and at least an inch less of wheel to replace this concept wheel and tire combo. The tread pattern is plenty aggressive.

The wheel overhang is quite smaller when compared to the FJ Cruiser and the tire sticks out ever so slightly hinting at a wider wheelbase for more “four wheeling” credentials.

As for “scene stealing,” we can only guess that the overall design language of this FT-4X will be a bit more daring compared to what most would expect out of Toyota.

If current Toyota design language has any say in the direction this FT-4X will look like, we can expect bold design and plenty of angular character lines.

For now, it won’t be to much of a wait for us to see the full vehicle. The New York International Auto Show is set to kick off in a little more than two weeks on April 14 with media day on the 13th.


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