The 20 year old identified as the driver of the pick-up truck involved in a head on collision resulting in 13 dead said he was texting while driving.

Two days after we received horrific news out of Uvalde County Texas that a bus crash resulted in 13 deaths we now know the horrific reason behind the accident. According to the L.A. Times on their update on the collision posted earlier today (Mar. 31,2017) the 20-year-old identified as the driver of the white pickup truck who caused the collision said he was “texting while driving” at the time. When asked if he realized what he had done, a repeated “I’m sorry” was all he could muster up.

The parishioners of First Baptist New Braunfels were headed back Wednesday from a three-day long choir retreat when a truck was spotted by a witness swerving in and out of its own lane. Although the witness responsibly called 911 to report the truck for distracted driving, before any deputies could arrive at the scene, an accident already occurred. Aerial pictures at the scene show the white dually’s front end totally destroyed as it collided with the side of the bus carrying the choir members. Significant amounts of energy was likely transferred from the collision into the passenger cell of the bus causing the resulting injuries and fatalities.

This tragic news comes just two weeks after the Texas House passed important legislation that would ban texting while driving statewide placing fines on offenders starting at $99. Surprisingly, this is the fourth time this type of legislation has made it into the house, three times prior failing to get the needed votes. Texas is one of four states that don’t already have a ban on distracted driving. If there’s anything good that might come from this unfortunate circumstance perhaps current events will sway those who were on the fence about the bill to support it.

First Baptist New Braunfels reports received an outpouring of support from all over the world. We’ve posted their latest update below.

Since smartphones became prevalent in everyday lives as early as 2010 there has been a steady amount of drivers who choose to operate their phones while wheels are in motion. Although state legislation has banned cell phone use while driving and placed hefty fines on offenders it’ll be a while before driving without touching your smartphone becomes the norm.

If you’d like to find out what fines and penalties on distracted driving are being levied in your state, click here!


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