Day 1 of Formula Drift Round 1 Long Beach is now complete and everyone who managed to get in at least one qualifying run moves on.

Qualifying is all but said and done for Round 1 of Formula Drift in Long Beach and there are definitely a couple of takeaways. According to Formula Drift on their verified qualifying results they posted up earlier today (Apr. 31,2017) if you showed up to compete and put down at least one clean run without getting a zero you would be guaranteed to move on to Top 32 competition tomorrow. We’ve posted the qualifying results for you below.

Qualifying results Formula Drift Round 1
Qualifying results Formula Drift Round 1

A quick glance at the qualifying results and it looks like the most popular competitor is “Bye Run.” Due to only 30 competitors showing up to the opening round, qualifying runs where just a little more relaxed. That doesn’t mean some didn’t move on. Faruk Kugay, Charles Ng and hometown hero Kyle Mohan all failed to post a score.

If there’s one thing for certain about Formula Drift it’s that if you have an internet connection you can enjoy all the action wherever you are. We’ve posted some of the better runs that got some high scores below. In addition you can watch qualifying in its entirety thanks to Network A.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. came out guns blazing with a 91 for his first run and followed that up with a 97 on his second run securing himself a first in qualifying.

Newcomer to Formula Drift USA from across the pond in Europe, James Deane and his teammate Piotr Wiecek didn’t let off during qualifying and set their foot down that they’re here to compete.

Ryan Tuerck was all business and had few corrections on his highest qualifying run. Tuerck and his Ferrari powered GT86 has been making its rounds online but he’s stuck with the more attainable and reliable 2JZ for the 2017 season.

Northern California was definitely representing with solid runs from both Matt Field and Matt Coffman. This is Matt Coffman’s junior year in Formula Drift and this qualifying run bodes well for the rest of his season. A conservative first run got him a 74 but even though his 959 S13 tapped the wall, he kept his line and committed to his second run garnering him a 90.

If you plan to catch the main competition tomorrow, tune in at 11 A.M. PST on and later at 3:30 P.M. for top 16 competition.


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