One Canadian bar is gaining some serious respect by doling out coasters made from car panels from drunk driver wrecks.

If you didn’t have a plan to get your car home before drinking at this one bar in Canada these coasters might make you find the nearest smart phone and order up an UBER by last call. According to Fox News on their story on this Canadian bar they dropped earlier this week (Mar. 27,2017) The Emmet Ray gained noteriety outside of Toronto for their innovative approach to getting patrons to reconsider their designated driving options. Partnering with Arrive Alive based out of Ontario, the whiskey bar replaced their standard coasters with coasters made from wrecked car panels that have been involved in drunk driving wrecks. Check out some of the coasters posted on social media for yourself below.

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The mission of the whole coaster campaign was to get bar patrons to simply not drink and drive. Kicking off the campaign on St. Patrick’s Day, one of the busiest days of the year for any bar, bar patrons received a sobering reminder of what the repercussions of their decisions could lead to. Not anti-drinking in anyway, the bar just wanted its guests to start a conversation and reevaluate the evenings options.

Body shops often end up having to deal with the wrecked cars to see if they’re even worth salvaging. One body-shop in Vancouver made sure that a couple of panels didn’t make their way to the wrecking yard but instead were passed on to the fine folks over at Arrive Alive. After a hydraulic pressing and laser etching, the final product is the coaster as shown above.

Arrive Alive is a downloadable app available for free which connects you to any cab company in Canada and allows you to program numbers as needed. And if the idea of a cab has your wallet cringing, there’s always Uber/Lyft to get you out the possibility of a DUI or worse, a crash.

The coasters are a novel idea for sure and we’d love to see this idea make it to bars all across the world. Drunk driving isn’t just a Canadian issue after all.


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