Honda released the second installment of its “Power Of Dreams Theater” and it absolutely nails what Honda ownership is all about.

Most of the visual mediums we see of a car company are condensed 15-60 second ads focusing on an upcoming sale, highlighting a quirky feature in a humorous way or introducing an entirely new model. Honda took the creative freedom to move beyond the commercial to tell its own story, although scripted, through the experience of what its owners go through. In Honda’s latest installment of its “Power of Dreams Theater” Honda tells the story of a family in San Francisco and how their daughter Emma grows a special bond with their family car through her formative years. Throughout the video we catch glimpses of what Honda ownership is all about. Check out the whole video for yourself below (We’ve seen this video being shared on social media in a low resolution but this deserves to be seen in its full resolution as published on Honda’s Youtube.)

Before we even get to the video we already get a taste of what kind of vibe Honda’s getting at here. The Honda Civic they’ve chosen to illustrate isn’t their newest 10th gen Civic but one that goes back more than three decades, a fourth gen Civic Hatchback. From its modest face-lift in the front and rear, we can also assume that this Civic hatch is at least a 1990 model and newer. Honda didn’t even choose to showcase the Si, it’s highest trim level (or LX and EX) but opted for the base model DX.

Civic hatch
The family washing their fourth gen Civic hatchback.

The early 90’s was a special time for Honda having already cemented itself in American culture as a reliable choice and alternative to domestic options that dominated the automotive landscape.  Additionally, Honda had successes in F1 leading McLaren to its second constructor’s championship as engine supplier. The newly improved fourth generation Civic was a synthesis of its growth in America and its racing. Honda saw 12-24 valve engine technology on all it’s motors, the introduction of fuel injection. four wheel ABS, and innovative double wishbone suspension on all four corners. The fourth gen Civic was as fun to drive as it was a reliable choice.

Fast forward 20 plus years and this same fourth gen Civic is the vehicle of choice for this growing family. Unlike some ads where a new family starts out with the most affordable option in their new lineup, Honda has instead chosen to take a Civic separated by six generations from its newest iteration. Throughout the video we get to experience both the Civic hatch and Emma grow together as it’s the only car this family’s ever owned. As far as we can tell, it’s never failed this family, nor has it left them stranded or left a bitter taste when it came time to upgrade to a newer car (as they decide to stick with Honda and go for a roomier CR-V.)

We’re left with a parting shot of Emma running after the Civic hatch as the Honda sales rep drops off their new CR-V and takes their Civic as a trade-in. The rear view mirror flashes scenes from Emma’s life where she spent most of her time in that car.

The video serves as an example of what Honda ownership looks like for a lot of people. The Civic is as reliable as it was when it rolled off the factory floor more than two decades ago. This Civic has been there for the family day to day and even when they just want to take out their car for the proverbial Sunday drive. Honda knows that the first experience someone will have with their brand isn’t their newest model at a dealership but oftentimes one of their older models. And for those whose parents owned Hondas, we’ll get to grow up with one a lot like Emma.

When we’re ready to move up to something newer we’ve already become loyal to the brand long before we can afford one.


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