These dedicated Chinese fans came to see Sebastian Vettel qualify but unfortunately spelled his name wrong with their giant banner.

Although Formula One for this season doesn’t have any Chinese drivers that doesn’t mean there aren’t dedicated fans that come to the races to support their favorite drivers. According to Formula 1 on their official Friday reports on qualifying earlier yesterday (Apr. 8, 2017) some very dedicated fans prepared and brought a banner to cheer on Ferrari and their ace Sebastian Vettel. But when it came time to spell out his name, things went awry and the entire western world caught it all on camera. Check out the mishap and happy ending below.

With a bit of clever editing and camera work not only did they capture the banner unfurled but they caught Sebastian Vettel’s reaction to the entire show of love as well. First, they spell his last name Vettel with an extra “e” and we catch a glimpse of a grateful Vettel showing a letter L to complete the name. Then we catch the corrected banner with an “A OK” from Vettel with the Chinese fans going wild in appreciation.

Most likely the fans brought extra letters to spell out different banners and come race day later tomorrow we’ll see what they have in store for us. These little interactions caught on camera shows just how well this new F1 media team is doing, More than likely they already knew that since Vettel has a great personality and is mostly always in good humor that his reaction would be pure media gold.

Fans of Vettel were excited and it looks like Vettel delivered with a second place position on the starting grid. Vettel admits that the Ferrari could’ve gone faster if he hadn’t chickened out on the brakes on the last qualifying lap.

And as a reminder of when the race kicks off tomorrow, Formula 1 was kind enough to tweet us a photo of the schedule. The race starts tomorrow at 06:00 UTC or 14:00 local time if you happen to be in Shanghai.

The battle between Vettel and Hamilton should be good. We’ll keep a keen eye on what banners these fans will spell out next.


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