A disgruntled tweeter caused a deluge of Itasha style cars to start parking at Starbucks’s and other coffee shops throughout Japan.

If you don’t know what an Itasha car is no need to worry because once you see an example of one you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Some people love them while others despise them altogether. This report is on the later group and what citizens in Japan did in response. According to our jolly motoring friends in Japan, Rocket News 24, on their report they published earlier this week (Apr 5, 2017) one simple tweet launched literally dozens of Itasha car owners to park their car’s at Starbuck’s and coffee shops around Japan. Check out a couple of tweets that have hit twitter below.


The story goes that a Starbucks patron was enjoying his cappuccino outside of a local Starbucks when an Itasha car pulled up and parked in his range of view. Bothered by the look of the car, he tweeted out his frustration saying that the car spoiled the atmosphere of his coffee drinking experience. To make matters worse for himself he asked that Itasha cars not even come to coffee shops altogether.

Well, the internet wasn’t having any of that nonsense. In response, Itasha car owners mobilized everywhere and started parking their cars at coffee shops all around Japan. They’ve affectionately called their resistance the, “Itasha de Starbucks” otherwise known as the “Itasha de Staba.”

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And it seems the author of the article owns an Itasha car himself and decided to drive his car to a local Starbucks to gauge reaction. Surprisingly, no one took a photo of his car or posted it up on social media in disgust. The author did urge Itasha owners “…if you happen to be a proud owner of a car decorated in vocaloids or girl-battleship hybrids, now is a chance to show your pride and be a part of the movement.”

While Itasha cars may be eyesores to some, you really can’t expect owners to hide them from people who are simply offended by their looks. Thankfully the good Lord has equipped us with necks that can turn to avert our eyes elsewhere and arms to move chairs to a different vantage point. Itasha on!


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