Italian drifter Federico Sceriffo is rumored to have his drift Ferrari 559 ready for one or two rounds of Formula Drift.

If you’ve never heard the name Federico Sceriffo in conversation about Formula Drift not to worry because before today we didn’t either. According to Wrecked Magazine on their piece on this rumored newcomer they dropped earlier yesterday (Apr. 7, 2017) the Italian Drifter is headed to the United States and is ready to make a statement in one of the baddest Formula Drift cars to hit U.S. shores. Not only will this Ferrari 599 be outfitted with all the requisite underpinnings to chuck this Italian stallion into a corner but will be utilizing Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V12 with 612 HP and 448 lb-ft. Check out a couple of photos circulating on Instagram of this beautiful drift-car in its prototype form.

According to Wrecked, the word on the street is that Sceriffo is aiming for an Orlando Speed World or Road Atlanta debut.

If you head on over to his official Instagram you can see that he’s recently attended Formula Drift’s first round at Long Beach where according to him it was, “study time…!” Could this possibly mean that he’s studying his competition for when he does come with his car?

And if you take a gander on their team Instagram page you can see a pair of turbos that are destined for the Ferrari 599. That means this motor won’t stay naturally aspirated for long and we’ll see that 599 chassis benefit from a much-needed boost (no pun intended) in tire shredding torque. A couple hundred pounds of torque isn’t going to cut it in the big leagues come tandem time. We have to assume that FFF Drifting has some deep pockets if they’re going to campaign one expensive motor. It’d be even crazier if they’ve got more than one Ferrari V12 lying around.

Currently, Sceriffo is competing in Red Bull Drift Battle in China in a Lexus IS300 known internationally as the Toyota Altezza.

If Sceriffo does come stateside I’m sure Formula Drift will welcome his car with open arms and we’ll be bound to see some stellar tandems. It’s no secret that drifters from different countries that happen to land in a round or series of U.S. Formula Drift do very well against our homegrown competition. Just last round at Long Beach, European champion James Deane swept the competition getting a first place finish over 2016’s FD champ Chris Forsberg.

Finally, if you take a look on Screiffo’s official website he has this as his last sentence on his “About me.”…who knows, I might think of going to conquer the great American public! “


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